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There have been discoveries of intentional beer jugs, meaning that even 10,000 years ago in the Neolithic period, beverages were being fermented. The worship of deities such as Osiris who was a deity of wine was also quite prevalent throughout the ancient Egyptian nation when at that time most deities were celebrated locally or familiarly. There are people who get addicted to the use of alcohol, this is why we have the best alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

Importance of Moderation

Alcohol has been used for centuries in secular and religious practices. However, numerous accounts of the ancient periods also stressed the importance of moderation. A sentiment society still stresses today. Ancient Egyptians didn't necessarily believe that being inebriated was a problem; they did however frown upon taverns and excessive drinking. The same with the Greeks and Romans although wine and alcohol flowed freely, and there was no issue with inebriation at festivals, excessive alcohol consumption didn't seem to be a problem.

Religious Practices

Throughout centuries deities have been offered wine and alcohol. The wine gods and goddesses of ancient times were widely celebrated. There are still practices today which involve alcohol. These practices included modern-day pagan rituals which includes the drinking of bread and ale as well as some Christian services that drank wine, also known as the blood of Christ.


Although early ancient believes regarding alcohol consumption stressed the idea of moderation and temperance, the Greeks and Romans along with Macedonians blatantly accepted intemperance. There were many followers of the cult of Dionysius who was the god of wine. The wine was viewed as a blessing from God and was celebrated vehemently.

Drinking Games Aren't New

Any jaunt on a college campus on a Friday or Saturday night will find plenty of drinking games, beer pong, beer battleship, drinking card games, the list goes on. These however are not new ideas. They have been practiced since the early Roman period. One such drinking game included the drinking of as many cups of alcohol as possible at the throw of a die.

Shifting Ideals

In ancient times from the Sumerians to the Romans the ideas surrounding alcohol and moderation kept shifting. Some time periods stressed the importance of temperance and moderation while others praised the excessive use of alcohol. Prominent men were either honoured for their self-control or admired for their drunken decision-making. Even as Christianity slowly took over the shift of wine deity worship was slow to take shape which lead to the blessing of wine and alcohol for religious purposes.

Although there is rarely a mention of alcohol addiction in ancient records, there is mention of alcohol consumption in moderation. Although ideas surrounding alcohol consumption shifted considerably throughout history, the fact remains the same. Alcohol is an ancient concoction that can lead to addiction which is why today there is a need for alcohol detox centres and rehab centres. It may have been pithy of ancient rulers to spend most of their waking days drunk, but today it is frowned upon, and moderation is promoted. If you are going through the problem of alcohol addiction, you can reach out to us. We have the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

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