Internet of Things: All About Data And Not Things

Posted by surevin on July 9th, 2016

It’s a believed notion now that around 2020, 25 billion new gadgets will be connected to internet. A Wi-Fi chip inside a device with an app installed is all that it takes. But instead of minding what the gadgets will feature, we should focus on what it has to deliver. And because of these, it’s all about data.

Instead of technological revolution, Internet of Things will soon become an evolution. The hardware which is used in mobile devices and Smartphones and which also makes it a huge success, are so small that it can be put easily into all kinds of devices. The device manufacturers are making a great deal about it but if you take a closer look into it, taking marketing content into consideration, you will find out that it only about being connected to the internet. Today you can buy bicycles locks or even bed covers which are connected online.

It gives us an ease to operate that we think we can’t do without it. It’s all about managing big data but it’s also about how we apply that data. The data role will play an important part in coming years as it is vital for sustainability of companies.

Role of IoT

IoT is going to aggravate effective monitoring, analysis and execution of data. Our ability to monitor and calculate will increase the possibilities that it brings for providing large amount of data on the customer engagement platforms. To design the business models and design system will be a challenge such that it can use the information inside the data optimally.

If it gets succeed, IoT is going to build a never ending feedback loop of user data. As of now, data related to product use and services and for product innovation is yet unknown quantity, largely. But IoT has the capability to make it more manageable and transparent.

For customer engagements, products will become a medium. By usage of preferences and patterns, products will integrate themselves thus increasing their time value. This will put forth new instances for additional services on the basis of use and subscription models. If product is connected to more similar products and services then more value can be added.

Kinds of IoT data


GPS only works on outside, so if your client’s shipment has not arrived yet you can follow monitoring which works on inside. 


Basic form of performance data like fans operating in the room, or cooling system working on the refrigerator. It can be viewed as digital feelers which makes possible to track the failures and inefficiency in the physical world.


It becomes vital to keep a check on the data as it grows and on the effectiveness of the number of processes. Automation generates more new data which has to be optimal. It is still managed by people but they are self analytic and self improved to a limit.


Data is extracted and analyzed through the kinds of data in order to prepare for the actions to be taken. By subjecting them to algorithms and analysis models, their advantages are taken into consideration.

The basic agenda what most companies doesn’t realize is, data can be applied in many ways and can play a bigger role. The organizations wait for linking all the data to a KPI as they find it difficult to do that. Traditionally, all business circles follow a notion that “no KPI no budget”. Technology now a day is moving so fast that they have to keep updated as to what it has to offer. Waiting for the right time in current economic atmosphere is not preferred. Trial and error is the best way to go forward when it comes down to analysis and creation of insights of the data.

About The Author

 The article is written by Tanuja Dongre, associated with SureVin, one of the leading service providers of BPO, ITES, Skill Development services, Digital Solutions & Marketing, Data Enrichment & Management Service, Training solutions and HR Consultancy to our clients. With the right balance of technical expertise and vast industry knowledge, SureVin strives to create customer satisfaction considering the nature of work with an innovative approach maintaining integrity and confidentiality of the business.

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