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Posted by professionalhealthcarephri on April 11th, 2023

Being treated for a health condition or injury is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, not every patient regains health effectively after being discharged from the hospital. Most leading health professionals, such as surgeons and medicinal experts, recommend undergoing occupational therapy in Baltimore and Arlington, MD, to ensure wellness.

It helps to know that occupational therapy (OT) is a profession closely related to improving health with the aid of varied activities. The chief goal of the concerned therapists is to have the patients participate in a range of physical activities to ensure physical and mental well-being. Day to tasks can be completed as before once the patient goes through occupational therapy.

Occupational therapists are professionals who remain dedicated to their work. Despite being medical professionals, they are not eligible to prescribe medications. It is interesting to note that OT includes physical exercises as well as the use of machines. Such therapists work with patients of diverse ages ranging from children to adults and elderly citizens. The OT procedure varies sharply from patient to patient. It is the customized approach that is usually advised by doctors and specialists across all fields of medicine.

OT Procedure

The therapy works in stages, with the therapist assessing the patient's condition and listening to the complaints. The concerned therapist will ensure the following once a patient requests therapy or the related doctor advises OT.

· Assessment- While the present problems are noted by the therapist before beginning the therapy, repeated assessments become essential to note the rate of improvement. Apart from checking the patient's health condition, the environment and the possibility of use of standard procedures are gauged by studying varying factors. Discussion with the family members is also considered before proceeding with the therapy.

· Planning- The outcome of the assessment is noted down in detail before drawing up a plan that is deemed to be successful. The plan is focused on the development of the patient with the condition, stage, lifestyle, roles, and habits considered carefully.

· Intervention- This stage concerns the patient as well as the environment. The therapy facilitates the patient's performance and focuses on attaining independence. Everyday tasks are taught anew in the light of altered health, thus enabling the patient to remain active despite challenges. Adapting to new settings is a part of the therapy too. Several new techniques are introduced to help the patient cope with the problems and find the best solution. The personalized approach helps to lower barriers and utilize the environment in a better way. Rehabilitation is also possible when the stress levels decrease steadily with growing confidence.

· Co-Operation- No Occupational therapist can succeed alone. On the contrary, the professional takes the family members, caregivers, friends, and medical professionals into confidence to provide the right support that helps the patient to overcome health issues and become active & self-reliant.

Being enrolled in Medicare does not necessitate long-term care for seniors. One may have to check the Medicaid waiver in Lanham and Baltimore, MD, to obtain the necessary support at home.

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