Purpose of VOC Testing in Tampa and Naples, FL

Posted by Anthony Lenard on April 14th, 2023

Experiencing ill health continuously makes one sit up and take notice. Sure, medication works up to a certain limit, but it is also necessary to eliminate the problem sources. While cleaning the home meticulously and maintaining adequate hygiene can do wonders, there is little that one can do to reduce the VOC indoors. In this regard, one of the first steps to take is to request a professional team to conduct VOC testing in Tampa and Naples, FL. Identifying the problem can also help the sufferers resolve the issues.

Unfortunately, VOC is not a common term that is known to all Americans. One would have to research thoroughly about the topic before going ahead and taking suitable measures. It suffices to know that VOC is an acronym for “Volatile Organic Compounds” that contain harmful components. They are found in many household products as well. One needs to be extra cautious when using such products.

Yes! There are a few proven methods for reducing the emission of harmful gases emitted from VOCs. One has to be convinced that the air does contain such compounds. The right way to the identification of VOC and gauge their levels in the air involves intervention by a reputed testing agency that employs experienced professionals for assessment of the air inside the building.

The user is sure to be shocked to know that the following products are known to contain a good amount of VOC that is extremely harmful to retain at home:-

· Clothing that has been dry cleaned

· Preservatives of wood

· Pesticides

· Cleansers

· Paints and other solvents

· Automotive products

· Aerosol sprays

· Disinfectants

· Furnishings

· Construction materials

· Glues and adhesives

· Permanent markers

· Office equipment

· Hobby supplies

· Stored fuels

This is not an exhaustive list, however. Many more products emit VOC. This prospect makes testing even more important.

There is no way to prevent exposure to VOCs completely. However, knowing that there is a high amount of VOC inside the home may enable one to take preventive measures such as:-

· Increase ventilation

· Discard paint containers containing unused paints and/or solvents

· Follow the manufacturer’s instructions displayed on the label before using any VOC-containing product

· Eliminate pests without using VOC-containing pesticides

· Purchase limited products so that they are used up entirely

· It is foolhardy to mix household products unless specified by the manufacturer

· The products must be kept away from children and pets at home

There are multiple methods to test the amount of VOC present in a sample. However, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer testing is the most effective process.

Old homes dating back to the previous century may be massive structures with many hidden corners. Such homes often harbor deadly molds that harm individuals and the environment. Requesting a professional mold inspection and testing in Tampa and Fort Myers, FL, is the first step towards eliminating them once and for all.

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