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Posted by Rojain on April 15th, 2023

Pop-ups can be a powerful tool to increase conversions, but only if designed with the user in mind. Hi, welcome to PopUp Hero Review

Do you need help getting leads through a PopUp? Do you need help making a Popup that fits your website?

Google did a survey and found that 50% of people found popups annoying, and 49% didn't mind them as long as they were easy to close. OptinMonster says that the average conversion rate for popups on e-commerce sites is 6.05%.

If you don't have pop-ups, you might miss opportunities to turn visitors into paying customers. If a website needs pop-ups to get people's attention or tell them what to do, they may use it less.

How about a tool that lets you make custom, branded pop-ups and gives you advanced targeting options to move around?

Image With a PopUp, you can draw attention to important information, like limited-time offers, discounts, or new products, and encourage users to take action. You can get people's email addresses, which you can use for email marketing.

With PopUp Hero, you can make custom pop-ups to keep your website visitors interested and help you sell more. You can reach different goals, such as increasing conversions, collecting leads, promoting special offers, reducing the number of people who abandon their shopping carts, and getting more people involved. In this review of PopUp Hero, you will find out more.

What Is PopUp Hero? And How Does It Work?   

PopUp Hero is a website pop-up builder that lets you make custom pop-ups to engage your website visitors and boost sales. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface that enables you to make pop-ups without knowing how to code or having technical knowledge.

Pop-ups are a type of website overlay that appears on top of the website content. They usually have a "call to action" (CTA) that tells people what to do. You can sign up for a newsletter, get an e-book, or buy something with Popup.

PopUp Hero also has a lot of pop-up templates that are easy to change to fit your brand and website design. It has drag-and-drop builders, advanced targeting options, and data analytics to help you make pop-ups that work and track how well they do.

With PopUp Hero, you can make pop-ups that appear when visitors do certain things, such as exit-intent pop-ups, timed pop-ups, and pop-ups that appear when visitors scroll.

PopUp Hero also uses well-known tools for email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). This lets you add leads to the platform of your choice and set up email marketing campaigns automatically.

PopUp Hero Review Pros And Cons  

PopUp Hero review In this part, I share the Pros and cons of this software. That will help you to get more information about this software. And you can make a better decision for your business. 


  • It has a very user-friendly dashboard with beautiful UIUX.

  • Provide Email/Help Desk, FAQs, and chat support.

  • Provide unlimited training or tutorial videos.

  • This tool gives you multiple language and payment options.

  • This tool provides an API integration option to connect this tool with other platforms.

  • PopUp Hero offers you so many pre-built templates. 

  • You can create email funnels with pop-ups by combining your email service provider with Popup Hero.

  • You can customize colors, images, and copy to align with your brand.

  • Popup Hero AI Content Writer can create a high-converting, personalized copy.

  • Create custom targeting conditions from website data to display pop-ups on specific pages.


  • Popup Hero offers limited customization options.

  • Popup Hero must improve their Popup template gallery with the latest design. 

  • This tool offers limited integration options. 

  • They should enhance their AI writing because it provides some robotic headlines. 

  • And lastly, PopUp Hero should add new features like, an AI image generator, etc.

  • No more bad things I found. And I'm delighted with this tool. Click PopUp Hero Review to find more cons.

How Does PopUp Hero Help You To Grow Your Business?

Using the feature for collecting email addresses, you can quickly get people's email addresses when they visit your site. You can add these email addresses to your list of subscribers so you can send out email campaigns.

With Popup Hero's reporting and analytics tools, you can see how well your popups and other tools for getting people's attention are doing in real-time. Now you can fine-tune how your pop-ups work and improve them to help you get more done.

Collect Email

One of its best features is that it can use popups to get email addresses from website visitors.

With the email collection feature, you can make popups that ask visitors for their email addresses in exchange for unique content, discounts, or other things. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, it's quick and straightforward to make a popup that works well and collects email addresses is fast and precise.

You can customize popups with your brand's logo, colors, and messages and change the email collection form's size, placement, and layout. Once a visitor gives you their email address, it is automatically added to a list that you can use for future email marketing campaigns.

You can connect to popular email marketing services like MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact through Popup Hero. So, it's easy to link the email addresses you've collected to the email marketing platform you like best.

Reports And Analytics

Check your pop-ups' reporting functions to see how well they are working.

With the built-in reporting tool, you can see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions your popups get in real-time. It lets you measure how well your pop-ups work and make intelligent decisions about how to improve results.

You can also filter your data by parameters like the time frame, the type of popup, and the audience you want to reach. It helps find patterns and figure out how well different pop-up approaches work.

You can also export to different formats, such as CSV and Excel.

Shareable Links

One of its benefits is that it lets you make URLs that can be shared so that you can tell other people about the popups.

The shareable links feature makes it easy to get people to see your popups by giving you a URL that you can send by email, post on social media, or share in other ways. When someone clicks on the link, you will take them to the website where the popup is shown.

It also lets you reach and get more attention from your target audience without making them go to your website.

Lastly, the shareable links feature can help you get more people to interact with and buy from your website by making it easy for them to share your popups.

Note: Popup Hero lets you make a QR code to share on your site or with your audience.

How Do You Become Benefited Using PopUp Hero?

If you are skilled at making captivating popups, you may produce and sell Popup templates to other businesses. You can sell these templates on your website in online markets like Etsy, Creative Market, or both.

Moreover, popups and other engagement features can help you attract website visitors to your business and keep them interested.


Users can create popups using a variety of pre-made templates available in Popup Hero. These templates can be altered to accommodate several pop-up types, including:

When a user is going to dismiss the tab or leave the website, an exit-intent notification appears. The exit-intent designs from Popup Hero offer choices like a coupon offer, a newsletter subscription form, or a product presentation.

Timed popup: A predetermined time appears after the user's initial website visit. A welcome message, a product promotion, or newsletter signup is available in timed pop-up layouts.

Pop-ups that appear when you scroll to a specific spot on the page are known as scroll-activated pop-ups. It offers alternatives like a call-to-action button, a deal, or a form for signing up for a subscription.

Popups activated by a user clicking on a particular button or link on the page are called click-triggered popups. Options for the click-triggered popup designs include a product demonstration, a newsletter subscription form, and an offer of a discount code.

Pop-up sidebars: The sidebar, which is on the left side of the page, can be used for a variety of purposes, including e-mail address collection and product advertising. Sidebar popup templates from Popup Hero include social media follow buttons, newsletter signup forms, and product promotion banners.

The templates for Popup Hero are designed to look beautiful and draw attention. The content, photos, colors, and fonts can all be changed. These templates are simple to modify to match your website's and brand's appearance.

Unique Code

Using the Custom Code functionality, you can include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in your popups.

Your popup designs can include unique elements or branding. With Custom Code, you can create popups that seamlessly match the voice and aesthetic of your company.

Any popup element, such as the form fields, messaging, and call-to-action, can have custom code added to it. It enables you to build sophisticated features like site-specific form validation, dynamic content, and connections to external services.

It's straightforward to observe how changes to the code will influence the appearance and operation of your popups, thanks to live preview.

How Can You Double Your Income Using PopUp Hero? 

You can persuade more website visitors to do the action you want, like purchasing, by using Popup Hero to create compelling popups. Increasing revenue and generating more money is feasible by raising website conversion rates.

Via the affiliate program for Popup Hero, you may earn money by encouraging others to use the tool. You can set up an affiliate account by clicking on my link to advertise the Popup Hero Appsumo promotion. Affiliate of Appsumo.

Behavior Setting

Using the behavior settings, you may control when and how your pop-ups are shown to site visitors.

You can alter your popups' behavior to improve performance. You can choose from several parameters: display frequency, trigger events, and exit intent behavior.

Also, you may limit the number of times a visitor sees a notification by adjusting the display frequency, ensuring they can manage the message.

Also, you can choose the occasions on which it will activate your popups. It appears after a visitor spends a specific period on a website or clicks a particular icon.

A popup may appear when a visitor is going to leave a website, thanks to exit intent behavior. The likelihood of engagement and conversions increases. Popups can also have their sizes, forms, and colors changed.


Popups can be immediately inserted into your website or application using the SDK (Software Development Kit) capability.

Developers can easily include a variety of popups and other interactive components into a website or application. It enables you to design incredibly compelling and personalized user experiences that may increase conversions.

The SDK is made to be simple and adaptable, and it has capabilities that let you customize the look and feel of your popups to match your brand.

Popup Hero SDK provides robust security features, including encryption and data privacy settings, to ensure your data is always secure.

How Does PopUp Hero Differ From Alternative Tools? 

AI Content Writer creates compelling display material that is conversion-focused automatically. This feature saves time and effort as compared to manually developing content.

You can customize the appearance of popups to match your brand and website using the Style and Feel function. This feature is more versatile and customizable when compared to alternatives.

AI content Writer

You may create excellent content for your popups using artificial intelligence with the help of the AI content writer.

With only a few clicks, you can use the Popup Hero AI content writer to create persuading and magnetic material for your popups. The AI system examines your brand to provide material that is tailored to your specific requirements.

High-quality, action-inspiring material created by artificial intelligence is produced to attract visitors' attention. You can make efficient popups that drive conversions while saving time and effort.

My finding: Certain information is required for the AI to produce eye-catching headlines. It appears artificial even if it delivers content.

You can modify the generated copy using Popup Hero's AI content writer tool to meet your brand's unique needs. You can also adjust the material to meet your demands and marketing goals.

Look And Feel

With the Look and Feel tool, you may modify the look and feel of your popups.

You can select from various templates, colors, fonts, and themes to create visually beautiful and engaging popups. Also, you may alter the popups' dimensions, design, placement, text, visuals, and call to action.

Also, you may customize the popups' functionality, including the frequency of display, trigger events, and exit intent behavior.

The drag-and-drop drag and drop interface of the Style and Feel function makes designing and editing popups simple.

PopUp Hero, Unique, And Useful Features 

In this PopUp Hero review, I discuss high-ticket features that help you know the critical component of an idle stock image platform.

  • Templates

  • Shareable link

  • Drag and drop editor

  • Collect email

  • AI content writer

  • Audience targeting

  • Reports

  • Behavior settings

  • Look and feel

  • SDK

  • Custom Code CSS/JS

  • Remove branding

  • Integrations

  • 200+ fonts

PopUp Hero Review APPSumo Deal Feature

In this PopUp Hero Review, I share some crucial PopUp Hero APPSumo deal features that help you know what the APPSumo marketplace offers. 

  • Lifetime access to Popup Hero.

  • All future Pro Plan updates.

  • No codes, no stacking—choose the right plan for you.

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase.

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 2 license tiers.

  • GDPR compliant.

  • Get 60 days money-back guarantee for any reason.

Why Do You Need To Use PopUp Hero? 

Depending on their activity, location, or other factors, you can target certain website users with the Audience Targeting function. You can use it to create pop-ups that are more relevant and customized.

Popup Hero's drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for non-technical users to generate personalized popups. Nonetheless, it is simpler and doesn't call for any technical expertise.

Audience Targeting

With the help of the audience targeting feature, you may design popups unique to particular visitor demographics.

Using Popup Hero's audience targeting tool, you can create popups for various parts of your website's users based on their location, behavior, and demographics.

For instance, you may design a pop-up window for visitors from a specific nation or area. Give them an additional special discount or promotion.

You may design a popup that is brought up in response to a visitor's actions, like when they stay on a page for a predetermined period. Also, you can design popups for users who add an item to their cart but still need to finish the checkout process.

You can also alter the frequency and timing of your popups via the audience targeting function. It makes sure that they don't annoy or bother guests.

For instance, when visitors are about to leave your website, you can configure triggers to open your popups at that precise moment. To prevent overloading your visitors, you may also restrict the frequency of your popups.

Drag and Drop Editor

Particularly for people with little to no design experience, the drag-and-drop editor is meant to be simple.

You can select from several pre-designed themes, add and update text, graphics, and other elements, and change the style of your popups using the editing interface. With the help of the drag-and-drop function, any of these is feasible.

You can add to the text and update using the text editor and upload photographs and ones from your collection. You may also alter the various objects' size, position, and color on the interface using essential tools and settings.

Because of the drag-and-drop editor's flexibility, you may design popups specific to your brand and messaging needs. Also, you can choose among themes for welcome mats, exit-intent popups, countdown timers, etc.

Why Do I Recommend You To Use It?

Making judgments and spending time and effort on information research are benefits of recommendations. It is crucial to consider the requirements and preferences of the individual you are advising when giving a suggestion.

I'll discuss my reasons for suggesting PopUp Hero in this section. You can find thorough descriptions of this tool's recommended aspects here.

Easy To Use

The ease of use of PopUp Hero is the first factor. This platform's dashboard is incredibly user-friendly for new users. You won't have any trouble using it even if you don't know much about technology.

Affordable Lifetime Deal price

The second justification is the low cost. To use this program, there are no monthly fees required. It is practical and valuable for bepracticalho wish to begin their adventure. If you use it appropriately, you'll be able to reap the rewards.

Customer Support

You can get live chat and email help from PopUp Hero. You can email them if you run into any issues. Within a few minutes, I received an email response. Moreover, this tool offers help desk support and FAQs.

Roadmap and Privacy

The platform's roadmap is highly encouraging, and the creators of PopUp Hero provide prompt and frequent updates. This tool complies with the GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD and is 100 percent safe and secure. Such a large number of people use this tool.

Languages and Users

PopUp Hero is available in several languages. As a result, you can use this program in the language of your choice. You can add additional users who can handle account management on your behalf.

API Integration

You can automate this tool with other platforms and increase your productivity by using the API and integration features provided by this application. Integrating this technology with a different platform may automate your workflow.

Why Must You Need To Purchase PopUp Hero Now?

Using more than 100 dynamic templates without writing any code, you can make pop-ups in minutes.

You can also create email funnels with pop-ups by linking your email service provider to Popup Hero.

In addition, you can add headlines, buttons, movies, and maps to your pop-ups by picking from more than 20 content blocks.

Because AI Content writers can create individualized, highly-converting material, you won't ever again have writer's block.

To simplify data collection, you may integrate Pop-up Hero with applications like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and Notion.

Buying Opportunity

Which would you choose: a one-time payment or a monthly payment? Make a single payment rather than a monthly one. You must pay $$$ both yearly and monthly if you choose the PopUp Hero monthly package.

Although it appears expensive, if you purchase the PopUp Hero APPSumo lifetime offer right away, you only need to pay once, and you can use PopUp Hero for the rest of your life.

That can be a great chance to purchase this fantastic offer. After this transaction is completed, you must pay money. You do, however, have a 60-day money-back guarantee from APPSumo for any reason.

Every PopUp Hero APPSumo plan receives lifetime updates, which is excellent. Thus it would be great if you moved quickly before the bargain expired. So buy PopUp Hero immediately, and you'll always think of me as the one who gave you this deal.

Get Your Discount With PopUp Hero APPSumo Deal.

  • Visit the PopUp Hero Review Lifetime Deal page.

  • After redirecting the page, wait for some seconds, and you can see a discount popup will appear.

  • Enter a new or unique email address to receive this exclusive offer.

  • Continue with the same email id.

  • You get at the end.

  • This offer will be valid for new users only.

PopUp Hero APPSumo Deal Pricing

  • All features above included

  • Unlimited page views

  • 50 total pop-ups

  • Ten connected domains

  • 15,000 AI copywriter tokens per month

  • Prices start at


After utilizing this tool for a considerable amount of time, I have had excellent results. PopUp Hero is your best option if you're searching for a program that enables you to create laser-targeted pop-ups with over 100 pre-built templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and complex targeting capabilities.

Please join us if you find this "PopUp Hero Review" helpful. You can check here for regular updates on digital goods. Contact me if you need assistance or if you are having any issues. I'm always willing to assist you with any problems you may have. My friend, you have my best wishes at all times. I appreciate you taking the time to read my PopUp Hero review.

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