Tips on how to maintain and repair brick steps

Posted by Dardy Lacy on April 19th, 2023

Brick stairs outsidecan last for a very long time with proper maintenance and repair. However, without proper maintenance, your bricks will deteriorate and get damaged. Fortunately, steps that have been properly installed are durable. Inclement weather and regular foot traffic are unlikely to damage your steps. However, you can significantly reduce the risk of unnecessary wear and tear further with the following tips.

Clean your bricks regularly

Your steps can accumulate grime and mud. While these are unlikely to cause significant damage, they’ll make your home appear untidy and dingy. It is therefore best to break out the pressure washer or hose and give them a cleaning. However, if you clean your bricks using a pressure washer, you should ensure that the pressure washer isn’t too high as this could cause your bricks to become damaged after several cleanings.

Beware of your footwear

You would be surprised but the kind of footwear can affect your bricks. For example, stilettos and athletic cleats put a lot of pressure on specific points of the bricks and this can lead to blemishes and cracks. You should therefore try to wear shoes when walking on brick steps to avoid excessive damage.

You will need repointing at some point

Though you may call in the experts for this one, repointing your steps is one of the best ways to keep your bricks durable for the long term. You should therefore repoint your brick stairs by replacing the outer mortar joints of your steps to reduce the risk of cracks and broken bricks.

Repairing damaged steps

Even if you maintain your brick steps well, there is always the chance that a heavy branch or other foreign objects could cause unexpected damage. If your brick steps have been damaged and need repairs, you will need to evaluate the extent of the damage before repairing them. While you may be able to do minor brick restoration and repairs on your own, you should hire a professional for moderate to severe damages. Fortunately, there are a lot of experts out there that can help you repair your bricks.

Choosing the right specialist

Not all masons are specialized in repairing brick stairs. You should therefore ensure that the professionals you choose are specialized in repairing brick stairs or have experience in repairing brick stairs. Ask them for their portfolio and ask them to talk to their previous customers. Call their previous customers and ask them questions about the repair specialists. You need to know how much they charge for their services and whether they use quality materials to do their repairs. You should also ask whether they have a guarantee for their work. This way, they will fix your bricks if the bricks get damaged within the agreed number of days after repairs.


Bricks are among the best materials used to make brick stairs outside. However, just like any other materials, bricks are not invincible. You need to maintain your brick steps and address any damages as soon as possible to ensure the durability and vitality of your steps.

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