IoT Devices: Types, Significance, and Common Uses

Posted by UbiBot on April 24th, 2023

Kevin Ashton deserves credit for inventing the word ‘Internet of Things in 1999. But it started gaining global momentum in 2011. In 2021, the number of active connected devices in the world was 21.7 billion, and 11.7 billion of them were IoT devices. This data proves that today’s world has more IoT devices than non-IoT devices.

IoT: What Is It?

Internet of Things is an umbrella term that encompasses billions of ‘things’, all collecting data and exchanging it with other systems and devices over the internet. Even though it came into existence in the early 90s, recent advancements in the field of technology have made IoT more useful, such as:

  • Increased availability of excellent cloud computing platforms
  • Advances in AI technologies and machine learning
  • Access to reliable and affordable sensors

From ordinary cooking appliances to complex industrial tools – there are various kinds of IoT devices. Every single IoT component comes with a unique identifier. UID can transmit data on its own, without the interference of humans.

IoT and Its Types

The communication, connectivity, and networking protocols depend majorly on diverse IoT applications. Just as there are multiple IoT devices, there are amazing applications of IoT based on the specific requirements of industries. These are the most popular ones:

1. Consumer IoT- Consumer IoT is required to simplify people’s daily lives. There are different kinds of smart internet temperature sensors for home appliances, light fixtures, and voice assistants. Any such device that runs on an IoT Platform is used to enhance productivity.

2. Military Internet of Things- The applications of IoT technologies in the military field are many. Human-wearable biometrics and surveillance robots have benefited the defense sector immensely.

3. Commercial IoT- IoT has also made its place in the transport and healthcare industry. Monitoring systems, wireless tags, and smart pacemakers make it easy for doctors to monitor the health of critical patients in real-time.

4. Infrastructure IoT- Management systems and infrastructure sensors are mainly used to increase connectivity in big cities.

5. Industrial IoT- IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things is used with industrial applications like in the energy sector and the manufacturing industry. Some common examples include IoT Based Smart Agriculture and digital control systems.


As IoT keeps growing year after year, businesses are leveraging the great business value it can bring. They rely on IoT to better the experience of customers and make business operations more efficient. Thanks to IoT, the ties between the physical world and the digital world are stronger than ever.

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