Hydrodemolition for Bridge Repair

Posted by Steve Sharma on April 25th, 2023

Automated Concrete Removal by Hydrodemolition Robots

Bridges – these massive structures are the pillars of connectivity and are symbols of progressiveness. Bridge repair can be a hectic task for the contractors. Hydrodemolition simplifies the entire process. But before that let’s look at the challenges of bridge repair.

Challenges of Bridge Repair and Restoration

Repair concrete bridges is a tough nut to crack especially with restrictions such as engineering specifications, bridge safety regulations, and tight timelines. The real challenge arises when it comes to complex structural elements such as:

  • Parapet beams
  • Abutment walls
  • Bearing foundations
  • Decks
  • Piers (pipes)

Automated Concrete Removal to the Rescue

Conjet’s automated concrete removal robots using hydrodemolition provides efficient results for a range of different concrete structures, ensuring a fast, safe, and reliable way to remove concrete. Here’s how automated hydrodemolition robots can be utilized and benefits you when repairing concrete structures:

Piers (Pipes/Pillars):

You can put up a frame system on the pier to remove objects. You can do this either in stages or with a larger frame that covers the entire area in one setup.

Parapet walls and beams:

For more stability when reaching over a wall, you can slide the robot's body in addition to extending the tracks. Absent any further attachments

Abutment walls:

A jetframe system is available if the robot arm cannot reach the removal area.
For high-precision concrete beam repair, you can remove the slab while the robot is set up on a solid surface thanks to its integrated arm.

Bearing foundations:

A frame system can complete the task even without enough space for the typical robot.


The schedules are more constrained than ever before due to the heavy traffic of today. You may operate the hydrodemolition robot with automated control with less downtime, which will help you remain on schedule.

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