Do You Like Skating Or Playing Ice Hockey? Order a Portable Rink Online

Posted by reez thomas on July 12th, 2016

Ice hockey is a popular sport that most of the people love to be associated with. Played on ice, this interesting game comprises two teams that make use of sticks to shoot a puck into their opponent’s net to gain points. If you are new to this energetic game, you need to know that the ice surface, on which it is played, is divided into three zones. Defending zone is the one in which the goal net is located for the team defending the net. The middle of the ice surface (between the blue lines) is known as the neutral zone. While the area in which the opposing net is located is called the attacking zone or offensive zone.

Fast-paced and physical, ice hockey is played on an ice hockey rink that is specifically designed for this sport. Also used for other sports like rink bandy, ringette, and broomball, the ice rink is rectangular in shape. Furthermore, it has round corners and is surrounded by a wall that is approximately one meter high (known as boards). As far as the dimension is concerned, there are two different sizes for hockey rinks. While one is used in North America, the other one is used in the other parts of the world. When it comes to markings, a typical ice rink comprises lines, faceoff spots and circles, goal posts and nets, goal area, goaltender trapezoid, and referee's crease. If you have been playing ice hockey for a very long time, you would know how important these markings are.

Escalating popularity and zeal associated with the game have inspired many individuals to learn ice hockey. Just like every other sport such as basketball, cricket, football and others, ice hockey is practiced by a countless number of people, who wish to master this sport. If you too like the game of ice hockey and would like to continue playing it, buy a portable ice rink today.

Those who love ice skating can buy a portable skating rink. In case you don’t know from where to get a portable skating rink, don’t worry, it won’t be difficult to find one. There are innumerable online companies from where you can easily get online portable skating rink apart from your hockey rink. You just have to find out the leading name in the business and establish contact to provide your specific requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order your ice rink today itself!

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