FIFA 17: Tips of Using a Slide Tackle

Posted by supodum on July 12th, 2016

They ruin division 1 for me. People spam them all the time (just watch high level stream) and they cost no stamina at all. Go do 10 in a row in real life and you realize it's pretty exhausting. By the way, is providing fifa 17 coins at cheap prices for gamers, maybe you can find free fifa 17 coins when we do activities.

1.They block every shot and have some sort of magnetic field so every shot is aimed at the player lying on the ground

2.They require no timing at all

3.You can slide tackle someone from behind and play the ball without any timing or skill required while this is incredibly hard and dangerous in real life

4.Even if you miss a slide tackle, the target still reacts to it either causing him to slow down or lose the ball

5.Even if you completely miss the ball the referee doesn't detect it or just gives a foul without a card

Seriously go watch a real game and see how often players use a slide tackle and get away with it without a card. They require precision and timing but in fifa none of that is required

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