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Posted by Quicken Support on July 12th, 2016

  1. Quicken 2015 Data File Lock

Quicken users can depend on Quicken 2016 accounting software for fulfilling the accounting tasks, like making receipts of the transactions, creating invoices, paying bills tracking transactions, and much more. But, users have started facing some technical data file issue after installing Quicken 2016 on their computer systems. To get Quicken 2016 support for data file lock, users need to simply dial a Quicken telephone number for help. With the help of the phone number, users can get flawless Quicken data file solutions in an expedient manner. To get an additional tech support, users need to simply opt for a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.


The technical issues start occurring when users try to open Quicken data file on the system and it gets automatically locked. Quicken 2016 gives an error message on system screen that ‘The file is locked. To open the file you must first unlock it, you can try to open it again’. The Quicken data file problem is becoming a major hindrance for users in managing their accounts tasks. In such a situation, they use to quit Quicken and open it once more which generally works. In this manner, data file gets opened correctly. In case users want a step by step instruction for fixing data file lock concerns, users simply need to take Quicken data file help to unlock files from a tech expert team. With its help, users can get a trick to fix Quicken data files issues. Read more at http://www.pegasusopera.net/888-846-6939-quicken-2015-data-file-lock/

  1. A Tip for Tracking Rebates in Quicken

Quicken personal accounting software program is known for managing personal accounts of Quicken users perfectly. With the technical assistance from Quicken software, users can track their rebates for miscellaneous activities in Quicken in one place too. In case users forgot about tracking the amount of rebates in Quicken software, then they can take the help of reliable technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas which proffers instant Quicken support for tracking rebates. Apart from this, Quicken helps in reminding the QB users paying rebates on time. Quicken tax rebates help users to strengthen taxpayers to make definite types of purchases without any hassle. For getting a hurdle-free tech help, users need to dial a Quicken support number.

With the help of the phone number, users can easily get step-by-step instructions for tracking rebates effortlessly. Users just need to follow the below-mentioned steps for tracking rebates appropriately:

  • First, users need to create a new account.
  • Then, they need to name it ‘Rebate Receivable’ and prepare it an Asset account.
  • When users create a purchase, they need to fill in the information, together with the split factor and breaking down the everyday expenditure.
  • After entering things, users need to go to the next line and hit their Rebate Receivable account.

Read more at http://applesupport.over-blog.com/2016/07/888-846-6939-a-tip-for-tracking-rebates-in-quicken.html

  1. Quicken Not Able to Print to PDF on Windows 64-Bit Systems

Intuit is popular as financial software among Quicken users. If users wish, then Quicken accounting software can produce graphs, reports and Quicken can print to PDF in Windows 64-Bit Systems properly. Quicken comprises a particular driver and the driver is named as PDF printer. It helps in reproducing documents in Portable Document Format. It doesn't come pre-installed; users can install it anytime after installing Quicken on their computer system. Users can contact Quicken support to print PDF in Windows and can get a reliable tech support from a certified Quicken technician. Furthermore, users can get a convenient tech support by taking tech support tech from a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas. For this, they need to dial a toll-free Quicken customer support number.

It may happen that while attempting to print to PDF, the Quicken program may show a message: 'Printer, not Active' or 'unable to verify active printer at the system level' on a computer system. For this, users need to make sure that their Quicken PDF printer is installed correctly on PC. Users need to follow the below-mentioned steps which are recommended by a Quicken tech expert for checking PDF printer on Windows XP operating system. Read more at http://quickenhelp.support/quicken-not-able-to-print-to-pdf-on-windows-64bit-system/

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