Pirate game was a pleasant surprise for its fans

Posted by karoniee on July 12th, 2016

While the release date announcement was likely the biggest Pirates game news planned, here's hoping there's still more surprises in store for those anticipating the online multiplayer pirate game.As far as video game franchises that would work perfectly as a television series go, World of pirates online' Pirate World wouldn't be the first to pop into many people's minds.Yet that's a reality that may be coming soon, as Pirate games revealed today that the rights for a Pirate World television show have been optioned by Game pirate and Pirates game.

Pirate World
That option includes the entirety of the Pirate World franchise, so the direction of the television could go in a variety of directions.Not only is the entirety of the Pirate World franchise optioned, but it's optioned for near all television mediums.That includes broadcast, premium cable, cable, and online programming.So not only could the show be based on any or all Pirate World game, but also it could be broadcast across any or all television programming mediums.Altogether, the contract between Pirate games and the production companies is surprisingly broad, so perhaps Pirate games' rushing to compete with the announced Pirate online game movie?
Likely most interesting of note is Pirate online game and Pirates game's previous work together.According to the Pirate World press release, the two are working on almost a dozen in-development projects.The ones closest to completion, however, are particularly relevant.Both 13 Reasons Free online pirate games, two of just three shows with release plans, are both coming straight to Pirate World.Given the studio's history with the service, it's a good possibility that Pirate World could make its way to Pirate World as well, though with such brand power maybe the show will find its way onto cable television.

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