High Points of Six Sigma White Belt Training

Posted by sheratonv on July 12th, 2016

 Six sigma is a data oriented approach for eliminating inefficiencies and shortcomings in any process whether it is manufacturing or transactional or otherwise. Since its introduction in 1986 by Bill Smith during his time at Motorola, it has been widely used in several industries that provide both products and services alike. Minitab, on the other hand, is a well known statistical software package for accurate data analysis. Minitab training is crucial to the success of six sigma as the latter primarily depends on statistics and accumulated data for enabling process improvement.

Six sigma coupled with adequate minitab training has the potential to transform your business and help you reach new heights of success. This is partly because six sigma streamlines the roles and duties of project team members through its system of belt levels much like the one used in martial arts. This structure makes it possible for its team members to ascertain their roles and responsibilities even before the project in question has started. Based on an employee’s level of training, they are assigned belts each of which play different roles in the project.

Six sigma white belt is the first belt level that is provided to employees. However, the importance of this first level of certification cannot be understated. White belt employees are trained in the six sigma methodology and play an invaluable supportive role at the local level despite their relatively limited participation. White belts help with managing change and development within businesses in addition to participating as members of local problem solving teams that assist projects at the ground level. Despite it being the first level of certification, six sigma white belt is arguably the most valuable as it introduces the basic concepts of six sigma to beginners.

Beginners in the six sigma course are assigned the six sigma white belt which is indicative of the first level of training. Part of the course also comprises of minitab training which is complementary to the six sigma module.