Basic Framework of Six Sigma Training San Antonio Explained

Posted by sheratonv on July 12th, 2016

In order to be successful, a training program should be based on a definite structural framework and six sigma training San Antonio is no exception to this rule. As a part of six sigma program, training is characterized by features that are best explained through the acronym DMAIC that stands for define-measure-analyze-improve-control. The responsibility of ensuring the application of these steps is carried by six sigma certification San Antonio course and only when all these steps are fulfilled is the certificate awarded.

Six sigma training San Antonio starts with the define phase wherein the practitioner is supposed to identify the project which needs to be empowered and this calls for conducting various surveys to judge its viability. Since failure to identify correctly is likely to lead to disaster at later stage, this phase demands extra caution and alertness. Next is the ‘measure’ phase and while data collection forms the core of this phase, much of measurement revolves around analysis of data that has been collected.

Analysis is the next phase in the six sigma certification San Antonio course and the onus is on the analysis team to make changes and add parameters that may not have been included before. Verification forms the essence of this stage and efforts are directed towards identifying the root cause of the problem. Specific cycles of production that may be proving to be too costly are also identified so as to economize in terms of expenditure.

‘Improve’ is the fourth phase and in this phase the team’s focus is to understand the problem, implementing the solution and ensuring its success. To ensure that improvement endures for several weeks, months and years into the future, there is the ‘control’ phase and this is the concluding chapter of six sigma training San Antonio. 

There are several phases in the six sigma training San Antonio program and these are divided into phases. Each phase of the six sigma certification San Antonio course is important and must be followed for the success of the program.