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Posted by fanzhou on July 13th, 2016

After years of watching the erosion of its subscriber base, snowstorm F. topped 10 million subscribers at the end of last year announced. Runescape Account Blizzard deliberately staggered release of certain Draenor end game content, and such raids in the last three months, so that Runescape players do not run out of new content immediately after the release. But the release of the raid BlackRock foundry was the last month of the last large piece of Runescape players for.Luckily content waiting for players Runescape still eager for new content, Blizzard has taken irritates some upcoming new features to Azeroth with the correction in February, 6.1 24 amendments will be a new system of inheritance the camera personal image and the integration of Twitter will be updated character models for the blood elves race, as well as the use of fixes for bugs in other races that have been upgraded by elements November.Buy RS Gold Heirloom else in the game is made up of armor, weapons and ornaments that players can Runescape be used to level at a faster pace. It has been renovated, so the system Runescape Players can now use the luggage up to the current maximum level of 100.

It will take some work, though, as souvenirs coming now into three groups: 1-60, 61-90 and 91-100. Players scape can raise the level of the lower level of inheritance using a variety of currencies in the game and may memorabilia stored in its own storage system, as well as pet toys, games and fasteners, freeing much needed space bag over RuneScape players.While updated races with warlords the start of Draenor and blood elves only now just a graphical jump. Snowstorm delayed update blood elves because they were afraid that will increase the level of maintaining the original shape of the sign, but it seems to be solved. The update will also patch for all other materials with high precision, as well as better lighting and anti aliasing.The enter S.E.L.F.I.E. Is the camera along with a new client for Twitter in the game Runescape encourage players to share their adventures in Azeroth with your friends. The camera itself is a game in the game, which can be obtained after completion of the level of Quest 100 so-called field of photography. Pictures snapped with the camera will be automatically saved in the material of the player RuneScape, Deadman Gold players can choose Wu Runescape send personal or unusual snapshot of Twitter use Twitter client a new photo. Blizzard quick to point out that the integration is carried Twitter disabled by default, and that Runescape players will keep their full participation in the new regulation functions, even those that are concerned about privacy can rest easy.The new features both functional and fun and the integration of Twitter in private to help Blizzard RuneScape players former recruit back into the fold.

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