Great Grand Opening of 7th Global Fashion and Design Week at AAFT

Posted by Sanjay Shah on May 6th, 2023

Noida: Marwah Studios witnessed a grand opening of the 7th Global Fashion and Design Week, which showcased an array of stunning creations from students of the AAFT School of Fashion and Design. The festival featured 550 dresses, 80 furniture pieces, jewellery, and coffee table books, providing an excellent platform for students to showcase creative abilities.

The festival was inaugurated by esteemed dignitaries from six different countries, including Malaysia, Mongolia, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Comoros. The ceremonial lamp was lit by the dignitaries, and the festival was off to a great start.

The first show of the festival featured the garments from Iran, Comoros, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Maldives, and Tunisia. The models who showcased the garments were young, good-looking, and confident, and they impressed the audience with their excellent runway skills.

The garments were extraordinary, designed by students of AAFT School of Fashion and Design, and they were appreciated for their sleekness, sophistication, and elegance. The first show set the tone for the rest of the festival, which promised to be a visual treat for all those present.

Present on the occasion H.E. Dambajavyn Ganbold Ambassador of Mongolia, Cdr. K.L. Ganju Hon. Consul General of Comoros, Amizal Fadzli Charged’ Affaires High Commission of Malaysia, Dr. Faridoddin Faridasr Cultural Counsellor of Iran, Ardak Kakimzhanov Embassy of Kazakhstan and Tanmaya Diwedi Designer expressed their views to the audience and press.

The festival provided an excellent platform for students to showcase their creative abilities and learn from experts in the industry. It highlighted the importance of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the field of fashion and design.

Sandeep Marwah, the founder of Marwah Studios, expressed his pride in the students of AAFT School of Fashion and Design and acknowledged their hard work and dedication in bringing the festival to life.

Overall, the 7th Global Fashion and Design Week was a resounding success, showcasing the creativity, talent, and skills of students in the field of fashion and design. The festival promises to inspire future generations of fashion and design enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Ritu Lal Director AAFT School of Fashion & Design paid vote of thanks.

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