What Are the Different Types of Airsoft Ammo

Posted by David Harper on May 6th, 2023

Airsoft ammunition comes in many different varieties, but pellet mass is always key when selecting ammunition. Heavier pellets gain more momentum and travel further; additionally they're less affected by environmental elements like wind. Furthermore, size matters too - airsoft BBs typically come in either 6mm or 8mm sizes with 6mm being most frequently utilized as they provide optimal balance and compatibility between internal gun parts and external ammunition BBs.

What Are the Different Types of Airsoft Ammo

Plastic BBs come in various colors, though white is most frequently seen. While color doesn't impact performance directly, its presence can sometimes prove useful; for instance, brightly-colored BBs may make tracking shots and hitting targets easier during fast-paced games; dark colored ones are harder to see and may provide you with cover from enemies; there are even tracer BBs which emit light when fired, making them perfect for nighttime airsoft games.

Not only should size and color determine performance, but quality is another essential element that has an effect. High-grade polymers with smooth surfaces and no imperfections must pass rigorous quality control tests in order to be suitable BBs; additionally they must be perfectly balanced so as to enable accurate shooting. Lower cost BBs often feature residual plastic from molding processes that reduce impact resistance as well as being non-spherical in shape.

Size matters when it comes to airsoft BBs - both their length of travel and intensity of impact are determined by them. Heavier BBs tend to have more momentum than lighter ones and thus travel further and hit harder; however, for optimal performance they must match up with your gun's FPS (For example using heavier BBs in an airsoft pistol with an extremely fast FPS can result in damage and inaccurate shots).

Airsoft ammunition comes in various forms to improve your performance on the field, including marker ammo. This type of ammo features chalk or other marking material on its shell that leaves an easily identifiable mark when hitting its target, making it simple for you to identify where your shot landed and adjust accordingly.

Other forms of airsoft ammunition include biodegradable BBs, which dissolve over time in water, and tracer BBs, which leave behind a trail of light when fired. Both varieties can be useful when playing nighttime airsoft games in outdoor settings where standard BBs may quickly accumulate on the ground; conscientious players also tend to favor them due to reduced environmental impacts; though more costly than their standard counterparts they could save both time and money in the long run.

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