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Tuition Centre in Punggol Strengthens Students in All Subjects

Posted by Acciaiaaron on July 13th, 2016

A good and reputed training centre can help students from different schools benefit from tuition. EduFirst Learning Centre brings a new culture in the tuition niche by offering good training opportunities in major areas for students from primary 1 to secondary 4. We provide students training in almost all subjects including, English, Math and Science. We assist each student to better their school grades through a thorough training camp.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers that are approved by government ministry of education. AtEduFirst Learning Centre, the ratio of student to teachers is a maximum of 10 students to one teacher. Thus, teaches could best help the students at individual level and students can excel in different subjects they are being trained in.

With individual training sessions, our teachers are enabled to evaluate each student’s weakness and strong points, hence strengthening their strong areas. For example, students who are weak in particular subject are assisted to overcome the challenge. They are trained to become experts in the particular subject. Being the reputed Tuition Centre in Punggol, we assist students who are poor in dealing English language. We teach them English comprehension, composition and grammar and many other skills to deal the language both in oral and written way.

English is the universal language so our students benefit greatly from our tuition to enhance their language skills. We provide them with an edge in using English language in their daily life. N level tuition at centre helps many students to elevate their grades in the language and other subjects. We also run holiday training camps for students who are weak in math or want to enhance their current grades.  

We have trained teachers who will assist students to learn basic math formulas and advance to share methods for success in the subject. Students can benefit from experiential problem based learning technique than that of typical straight lectures. With this learning model, students can enhance their potential and the way they use math in their daily life. Science is another major problem to most students. Our holiday training camps will benefit them in this regard.

Tuition Centre in Punggol helps them relate the science to their daily lives. They are greatly benefited when the teachers help them to understand about different topics such as circulatory system at their educational levels. You can get the details of different camps being posted at our official website. Parents can make appointments for their students to participate in the camp of their choice.

Students can have camps for different subjects and classes at different times, and advance booking is required to avoid last minute disappointment and better planning. This institute continues to excel and strive to maintain the good results we have achieved in the past. We have helped many students to grow without compromising on quality, which is evident from the testimonials of a large number of students and parents appreciating the holiday tuition and its role in their daily lives.

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