Is Astrology a Science or Superstition?

Posted by avantikasharma on July 13th, 2016

The best Astrologer in Ghaziabad discusses whether the world famous concept of astrology is a science or a superstition. Read on to know.

Quite often, people read about their astrological signs or study their Kundli and wonder, is it even true? Is Astrology actually a science or is it a concept laced with superstitions? Of course, controversies like this are bound to arise, especially when there’s so little reliable research available on astrology. But Carl Sagan, one of the most intellectual minds of an era can believe that astrology can be an art-science or maybe just a science, then we should consider developing a pure understanding of astrology.

According to Sagan, an astronomer, cosmologist and astrophysicist, Astrology is related to the constellation where planets are present at a particular moment. He understands and realizes that moon can affect moods and even one’s menstrual cycles. So, such a vast universe is bound to have an effect on our lives. Right?

Astrologers in Ghaziabad and other parts of the country consider Hindu Astrology in particular to be a science. Planets are associated with science and therefore, the idea that terrestrial events can have influence on human affairs appears to be just right. According to these astrologers, sun, which is responsible for solar flares is also a source of energy for the planet. So, its position is bound to affect people’s personalities and temperaments.

Over the years, astrology has demonstrated its effectiveness is several real life scenarios. For instance, astrologers, on several occasions have helped Bollywood stars and countless celebrities or politicians come out of their bad period of time. In fact, the best of the astrologers have helped in resurrecting the careers of hundreds and thousands of people. At the same time, they have also helped people achieve happiness and love in life.

However, the only problem with astrology is that a lot of its results cannot be replicated. Every person born on the face of this earth is unique. And therefore, their Kundli is distinct. So, is one thing is true for a person, it may not be right for the other one. At the same time, effects and causal agents such as gravity and electromagnetism are bound to impact a person’s life.

But, testing the validity of astrology can be difficult, as most astrologers have their own consensus of what can be predicted by the astrology. And perhaps that’s why, astrology isn’t a pure science. Of course, it does uses scientific matters, delves into the astronomy and the position of the planets. But how an astrologer predicts everything is quite important. For instance, an astrologer may read your chart but misinterpret your good or bad times. Consequently, you wouldn’t be able to make most of your time.

That’s why, it is recommended that you always consult the best Astrologer in Ghaziabad or elsewhere. An astrologer is like a teacher- a good one can be your guide for life. S/he can teach you the importance of taking right decisions at the right time.

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