What is the depigmenting cream used for?

Posted by John Smith on May 10th, 2023

Sunspots are the result of the different distribution of melanin and the productive cells, which are melanocytes. Melanin is the pigment that gives color, and that allows us to protect ourselves from radiation, so when we expose ourselves to the sun, the melanocytes, in defense, secrete more melanin, and we get darker. 

In this article, we will tell you what are depigmenting creams like Demelan Cream used for and how they will help you eliminate the spots already present on your skin. Although, you already know that the most important thing to prevent them and protect your skin is not to forget your sunscreen.

What is the depigmenting cream used for?

Broadly speaking, these are the types of sunspots that our skin can have:

Ephelides or freckles: It is an accumulated pigment of a brown, rounded, and non-uniform color that is frequently located in photo-exposed areas such as the face, neck, arms, and shoulders. It occurs in people with very white skin and blonde or red hair. They are more visible in summer.

Nevus or moles: They are very frequent, and are produced by a deposit of melanocytes that affect various dermal structures. We have different types of moles depending on their characteristics. It is important to pay attention to them and check if they suffer a change in their color, uniformity, or growth.

Melanoma: Melanoma is a malignant tumor that can easily be mistaken for a mole. It looks like a pigmented spot but its growth has been asymmetric (with imprecise-irregular edges) and intense coloration in some areas and less in others. It may have a bluish hue.

Simple and solar lentigines: lentigines are small brownish-colored spots that can appear on any area of the body and differ from freckles because they do not change color in the sun.

Melasma: It is common to see it on the upper lip in women, it is light or intense brown in color and it occurs or worsens during pregnancy or when taking contraceptives or menopause. That is because its cause is mainly hormonal.

How does a Demelan cream work?

The function of Biluma Advance Cream, although it is obvious, is to eliminate skin spots such as the so common spots on the mustache that have appeared due to the sun. But also, a good depigmenting cream should:

- Block the formation of melanin in any of its production phases

- Moisturize the skin.

- Nourish and prepare the skin to regenerate optimally.

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