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Posted by accolac99 on July 14th, 2016

You may have seen that YouGotLittUp has managed to kill a 900% enrage Telos. You must be eager to know how to gain 900% enrage Telos kill with runescape gold 3, and how to become one of top PvMers like YouGotLittUp. Now, RSorder offers you some tips to make high enrage Telos kill easier and cheap rs 3 gold ...

Devote yourself in RuneScape with runescape 3 cheap gold

With the same stats, the same weapons, abilities and other items, why the PvMer like YouGotLittUp can manage to make it to such high enrage level, compared to many of us who may struggle to make it to 100% enrage? Perhaps the prime reason is that many of us play Runesacape just for “fun” or “break from real life”, but those streamers like YouGotLittUp play runescape for “goal” and “hobby”. This is of course also for fun, but different type of fun.

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You don't really have to be the best at something if you just do 1-2 hours per day, but if you want to dive into something, you will naturally become good at it. So does Telos fighting. If you want to achieve 900% enrage Telos kill with runescape gold 3. You have to devote yourself in runescape. After enough hours of playing, your reaction becomes reflexive. You are calmer and less prone to mistakes, and you can develop quicker reaction time and better judgment.

Learn Telos’ mechanics and buy cheap runescape 3 gold in advance

As the solo boss Telos is not so hard, it is just easy to make a mistake and die. You have to figure out how to deal with the mechanics, learn the mechanics very well, and get a good feel for how to deal with them before they happen, rather than reacting to them, which is often essential.

Besides, you had better buy cheap rs3 gold in advance, so that you do not worry about food or anything in phase 1-3. Phase 4 and especially phase 5 is where it starts to get tricky, because of the golems you have to kill. But if you can micromanage everything during the fights, you are just overall incredible at the PvM.

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