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Posted by wenyue on July 14th, 2016

Running is too risky.2. We’re almost always asked to stand precariously on a ledge so we’re constantly asked to flirt with but avoid failure.3. Failure almost certainly means death.The Dark Forces EffectThe only gameplay example I can come up with for comparison to the video was the Coruscant level from 1995's Star Wars: Dark Forces, where we’re asked to walk around a bunch of dangerous railing-free narrow catwalks so Old School RS Gold high above the planet’s surface we can'’t even see the ground.  I was in full control of my character with an FPS control scheme. I was even a badass with an insane number of guns. But the pucker factor for that level was off the charts. Even with a quicksave feature, I was so afraid of falling it became almost crippling.

  It was probably due to the constant wind noise, and if I'm remembering correctly, I think they actually tried to blow you off of some ledges every so often. Of course, it didn't hurt that bad guys were on the ledges too and trying to shoot you the entire time or melee you off of them.  But the point was that despite being given a considerable degree of control pinpoint shot accuracy, FPS view and controls, I felt at the time very not in complete control of the situation.It'’s interesting to note how this footpath takes control away from the hiker. At times the path is literally crumbled away in front of him, and he is required to walk a balance beam made out of the catwalk’s understructure hundreds of feet in the air before he can return to the relativesafety” of the cement path again.  Deadman Gold Ostensibly, this is the same mechanic as the balance beam segments seen in Mirror’s Edge. Regardless of which one is real or not, one is exponentially more terrifying than the other, as we are expected to do brave and dangerous things in ME, but on this narrow hiking path we want to avoid them, but are forced to confront them if the hiker wishes to continue on.

So, as developers, if we seek to strike fear in a player, how can we give them complete control over their character, yet restrict control in their environment, in their decision-making, and within the confines of the gameplay?Spitfire is a game designer at a self-publishing development company. RS Gold Before starting his site, he was a published gaming journalist, and during his career has also worked in television, commercials, and film.