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Posted by Brian Miller on July 14th, 2016

The role of any teacher is always important in shaping the future of the students. English is the most widely spoken language in the world and there is no dearth of jobs for English teachers around the world. But you cannot become an English teacher because you decided to one fine morning. A TESOL certificate makes you eligible to teach English worldwide. The good news is that you can go through an online TESOL course and also get your TESOL certification online.

TESOL stands for Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages. While the entire world speaks the language, there are a handful of countries where English is considered the mother tongue – the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are some countries that come to mind. However, because of the colonial past of England, there are many other countries where the language is either the official language or is spoken widely, India being one such country. In fact, in many of these countries, people don’t get the right jobs because they cannot speak English properly. And here is where you can add value – you can make a huge change in someone’s life and this is one achievement you will be proud of throughout your life.

However, to make that difference in someone’s life, you need to know how to teach English to them. TESOL teaches you how to teach English and to be able to get those plum jobs, you need a TESOL certificate.

For many people (and you could be in this list), there is no time for education after they start working. The online TESOL course lets you go through the program at your own pace and from anywhere. Since we are talking about an online course here, you can use any computer (or other device) anywhere to log in and complete your course. An online TESOL course usually lasts for 120 hours and most students complete their hours in about two to four weeks. Once you are through with your course, you need to go through the certification process. Once you have your TESOL certification online, you can apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

Once you have your TESOL certification online, you get the chance to travel around the world – you work for a couple of years in China and then take your next assignment in South Africa – the options just open up for you. If you are in love with travelling, this is one job you are going to enjoy like anything. And what do you need for this? An online TESOL course and a TESOL certification online – that’s all about it.

Enroll into your online TESOL course today if you want to be part of this noble profession. There could be someone somewhere waiting for you to teach English to them and make a change in their life. Your TESOL certification online makes you more than competent enough for this job and you can make others competent to grab lucrative opportunities to advance their career.

To become a teacher of English in a non-English speaking country, you need to go through your online TESOL course and get your TESOL certification online.


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