Design a Ship to Accomplish Rewards in Treasure Hunter with Affordable Runescape

Posted by Maggie on July 15th, 2016

Hey, all RS players. Exciting news! You can take part in the Treasure Hunter event to design a ship every day and unlock fantastic rewards, including an XP-boosting, item-dropping backpack. With the approaching Arc on July 25, you had better stock enough cheap RS 3 gold for sale.

When is Treasure Hunter event available?
This event will be valid until July 18 at 23:59 UTC. And all prizes can be claimable by July 27 at 23:59 UTC.

What rewards are involved in Treasure Hunter event?
For those who participate in the boat building, reward Tokens will be a random drop from Skilling in the boat building area.
Also there is a skilling backpack available. Every time you use a charge, a 10-minute flat XP boost is added to your skilling. More importantly, a fantastic item will be dropped per charge like proteans or silverhawk feathers. If you have unlocked the backpack, the more you progress throughout the event, the more powerful XP boost will become and the more charges you will obtain. And when you have run out all your charges, the backpack will be a fantastic cosmetic item.
Also when the event ends, the higher your progress bars are, the more mystery boxes and better rewards you will have accomplished.

Buy cheap RS 3 gold to explore the Arc
As is announced by the official, the Arc will kick off on July 25. Are you eager to explore it once it is released? There will be thousands of islands in search of resources. Also you will have a chance to purchase flags. Then you can claim an uncharted island once you have finished a mini-quest. Besides, if you intend to build a ship to the Uncharted Isles, level 90 in Fishing, Hunter, Slayer or Woodcutting is needed.
Can you contain your excitement towards getting to the Eastern Lands and claiming your own island? If you are in lack of cheap RS 3 gold for sale, you are welcomed to make purchases with RSorder.

Exploring the Arc may be brilliant and exciting. Why not stock enough cheap and fast RS 3 gold in advance? RSorder is focused on providing customers with affordable rates and instant delivery. And RSorder deeply believes that every player should have access to a nice gameplay and low rate game currency. In an effort to make it possible, RSorder spares no energy to serve their customers in secure, affordable and facilitative manner.

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