Naismith - The Inventor of Basketball

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James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was born in Almonte, Ontario and left as an orphan when his parents passed away due to typhoid fever in 1870. With two siblings as companions, James pursued his passion for sports with determination.

He lived with his grandmother until she passed away, then moved in with an uncle who owned a farm. He attended grade school at Bennies Corners near Almonte and Almonte High School, from which he graduated in 1883.


James Naismith, a young instructor at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, had an idea for an indoor game to keep his class of rowdy students occupied. It was too cold and dangerous to play football or baseball inside, so he wanted something less damaging on young people.

He remembered playing a rock-tossing game as a child and decided to combine it with a ball in an effort to create a new game that would keep his boys active and engaged. To teach the players the rules of the game, 13 basic guidelines were developed which he posted on the bulletin board before class began.

Naismith invented basketball at McGill University in Montreal, where he taught physical education. Soon thereafter, it spread throughout the YMCA movement worldwide and Naismith even played in the inaugural basketball match at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games!

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Offside trap

Naismith believed that basketball could help young people develop character traits such as integrity, humility and empathy. He believed this helped them become the people they wanted to be, not just star athletes.

He held that physical education should be just as essential to a student's overall development as academic and moral instruction. He even proposed that goals scored from outside the basket should count for more points than ones closer to it - something not even mentioned in today's rules of basketball!

He often spent his free time outdoors playing games like "duck on a rock." In this contest, a large stone was placed flat surface and players stood 10-15 feet away trying to knock it down with rocks. Over time they learned that throwing soft lobbing throws worked better than hard ones.


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