Tips for Buying the Right Motorcycling Boots

Posted by nikeshsharma on July 15th, 2016

Motorcycle Riding Boots are a prized possession for every motorcyclist. However, before investing in this particular category of dream gear, one must know the dos and don’ts and few tips to ensure a good buy.

1. Do your Homework

Motorcycling boots are tricky buys. Though not common knowledge for most, bike riding boots have different categories. Depending on where the rider wants to test their skills, and how they want to ride the motorbike, the boots are categorized under their own genres.
The different categories of the motorcycling boots include off-road motorcycle boots, motorcycle racer boots, touring motorcycle boots, and motorcycle cruising boots. Depending on the type of ride and the factors of leisure, distance and time involved, people should choose from the different categories in order to get the best wearable results.

2. Consider the Build

Motorcycle boots are different than other kinds of boots or other footwear. For starters, the leather is extra thick, or more modern boots may also be made of a material called Gore-Ex. Gore-ex is waterproof, breathable, and resistant to abrasions. If your boot is made of such a material, it is guaranteed to last longer.

If you opt for the classic look and ditch the Gore-ex for leather boots, you should buy those leather boots that are water resistant, or which repel water. This way, your boots will not spoil in rainy or muddy weather and last longer.

3. Brand Factor

The quality of the Motorcycle Riding Boots is also a factor to consider deeply. This can be no whimsical buy, and one must trust brands. It is safer to trust names which have been tried and tested.

4. Boot Height

The height of the boot is a point to consider. In fact, it is an issue of great importance for motorcyclists. A proper motorcycle boot should come up to the middle of the rider’s calf to provide adequate protection.

A lot of riders also prefers half boots. They enable a lot of free movement. However, it is important to remember that these half boots are best suited for cruising activities. Thus, if you want to cruise more than you race, these boots are bound to be a good fit for you.

5. Size Matters

While buying boots, it may be a good idea to buy them yourself. Size matters, and you should make sure the fit is right, if not perfect, before purchasing your motorcycle boots. Thus, you should shop for these boots in person.

A fitted boot is very important. If the motorcycle boot is too big for the rider, this might cause problems while maneuvering the bike. In fact, it might cause loss of proper grip, and a decrease in efficiency while riding the bike, which can prove to be dangerous for the rider.

Thus, if one remembers these pointers before investing in boots, they should have been forewarned about many possible scenarios. This would help them make an educated purchase.

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