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Posted by millerparker257 on July 15th, 2016

Children today are too obsessed with gadgets and social networking sites and they hardly feel the need to go out and play with their friends. They chat with their friends online and the time that should be spent in creating a strong bond is spent in updating statuses and posting pictures. In today’s world friendship is superficial because nowadays it is more about liking each other’s social media posts and less about genuinely liking each other. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your kid spends less time online and more time with his friends on the playground. This is a fact that children, who play and spend time with kids of their age, are likely to have great friends. Such kids are not socially awkward and have great friends, which of course is important for every child. Your kid may be scoring well academically but without great friends, he will never be able to grow into a happy individual; the fear of rejection will always lurk inside his mind, which is not good for his emotional as well as psychological health.

To make sure that your child interacts and bonds with kids of his age, you can send him to a summer sports camp in NYC. A summer camp can be a great place for your little one because there he will not only learn to survive without you and gadgets but will also learn to make new friends. Apart from this, summer camps are enjoyable and your child will surely love going to one. If he has never been to one then he might not want to go but you should try to convince him that summer camps can be an amazing experience; you can tell him about your summer camp experience to convince him.

In case, you child is interested in sports then you can send him to any of the sports camps in NYC. He will surely love to participate in the activities of a sports camp and will enjoy his stay. Apart from this, these camps can also help him in enhancing his skills with the aid of practice and training. These camps hire experienced coaches, who use their expertise to train young children in sports like basketball and baseball. However, before sending your child to a sports camp, it is necessary to make sure that he is ready to go. You should talk to him and try to convince him instead of forcefully sending him to the summer camp.

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