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Posted by harryjoy on July 15th, 2016

The fraternal society of Freemasons is a group that is growing in following and acceptance all around the world. And that is because of their views which are concerned with moral and spiritual value, as well as their charitable approach towards society. The society promotes a sense of universal brotherhood among Freemasons, who are taught the codes and laws of Freemasonry through ritualistic dramas. Freemasons follow the three basic principles of the society to achieve higher standard in life, and these three principles are: Brotherly Love (tolerance and respect for others, behaving with kindness), Relief (charitable work) and Truth (striving for truth).

The society’s organizational unit is called the Lodge, which is supervised and governed at the regional level by a Grand Lodge. And when you join a Lodge, there are certain dress codes that you need to adhere to while attending the meetings. One of the integral garments for Freemasons is the Masonic apron. There is a symbolism attached to wearing Masonic clothing, and the lambskin Masonic apron symbolizes pure heart and innocence. It is essential for the Masonic apron to be made of lambskin and be white in color. The white color signifies Purity, Simplicity and Candor, Innocence, Truth and Hope, while the use of lambskin denotes purity of life and integrity of conduct, higher thoughts and nobler deeds. The compulsion of the lambskin material comes from the Freemason ritual that says, “the lamb has been from time immemorial an emblem of purity and innocence."

The Masonic apron is the society’s first and last material, and the only tangible gift to its members, the first emblem explained to Freemasons. It is also the symbol of equality amongst Freemasons, never considering of their rank in society or financial position. The presentation of the Grand Lodge apron is the sign of the Lodge accepting the Freemason as a “worthy brother”. Upon this, it is the Freemason’s responsibility to take care of its badge, the gift of brotherhood and the Fatherhood of God. But even though the Masonic apron signifies equality among Freemasons, there are different aprons to distinguish the rank of the Mason. These include Past Master Aprons, Scottish Rite Aprons, Officer Aprons, Cryptic Council Aprons and Royal Arch Aprons.

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