The Krebs Law Firm Empowers Injured Missouri Workers to Pursue Compensation They Deserve

Posted by Marketer's Center on May 26th, 2023

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-  MAY 26, 2023 - Offering a beacon of hope for those injured in the workplace, The Krebs Law Firm stands up for what is right. The Missouri law firm’s main areas of practice are personal injury, workers’ compensation, and Social Security disability cases. They focus on superior service and securing the best outcomes for victims and their families.


It’s critical for an injured worker to seek counsel soon after their workplace injury. A workers’ compensation law firm, like The Krebs Law Firm, can oversee their claim and make sure that all the rights of the worker are protected. Attorney Jason Krebs knows how difficult times can be after suffering a workplace injury and being unable to work. It can take an emotional, mental, physical, and financial toll on anyone.


The legal team at The Krebs Law Firm works tirelessly to investigate claims and gather evidence of their client’s claims. This allows the law firm to build a solid case that no insurance company or employer can dispute. Because of Mr. Krebs's years of experience working with personal injury and worker’s compensation cases, he is able to deliver the results his clients deserve.


The firm's track record of success speaks volumes about their commitment to clients. Numerous judges have commented that when it comes to being prepared for cases, The Krebs Law Firm is a standout. They have achieved large settlements and won verdicts in the courtroom for their clients. This level of success has earned the law firm the respect and trust of both clients and other law firms.


Believing in a tailored approach to legal representation, The Krebs Law Firm never takes a one-size-fits-all solution for their clients. This is what makes their law firm different and a blessing in their client's life. The Krebs Law Firm takes the time to return phone calls and answer questions. There is never a doubt in clients' minds that they come first. For a struggling accident victim, this kind of service is deserved and appreciated.


Too often, employers and insurance companies devise plans to minimize their exposure after a worker is injured. From rushing workers back to work before they are ready to denying medical claims and delaying payments, these can all impact a victim's situation. An employer may look for ways out of having to pay, including firing the victim on baseless claims. Mr. Krebs states that, “Your employer cannot legally fire you or otherwise negatively affect your employment for making a workers compensation claim. However, if a lawyer does not represent you, your employer may try.” That’s why it’s so important to seek legal counsel when hurt on the job.


The Krebs Law Firm invites injured workers in Missouri to take advantage of their free, no-obligation consultation. During this initial meeting, injured workers have the opportunity to share their stories. They can also ask questions. During the consultation, Mr. Krebs will evaluate the details of their case, provide clear insights into their available legal options, and outline the potential compensation clients may be entitled to.


To schedule a free, no-risk consultation with The Krebs Law Firm, please call (417) 883-5886. To learn more about the law firm and their areas of practice, please visit

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