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Posted by Liz Seyi on May 27th, 2023

How Can You Help Your School Improve And Grow?

If you have big ambitions to grow your school this year and beyond, it is understandable that you might feel more than a little frustrated by specific barriers to making this a reality.

You might be under pressure to expand your school premises quickly. But even simply planning for the responsible expansion of your school can be a lengthy process – never mind the finer points of execution and sensitive aspects such as the need to ensure exacting safety standards and comply with building regulations.

So, what are some of the steps that will help ensure you have no regrets about how you coordinate the expansion of your school – as an institution and the premises themselves? Our team decided to take a closer look. Here are 5 tips to help you grow your school and ensure a cost-effective and successful expansion of your buildings, students and educational facilities.

1. Build A Strong Online Presence For Your School

The COVID-19 pandemic got many of us accustomed to using technologies – such as video conferencing software – that we might not have previously greatly associated with the school environment. But how ‘embedded’ are such practices in your school’s operations today, now that the most acute phase of the pandemic has receded?

At the very least, to grow your school, you should still be using online tools to help ensure your school is dynamically and excitingly marketed to local families. So, you might spend a fair amount of 2023 re-jigging your school’s website and cultivating a social media presence with plenty of ‘buzz’ to help inspire the growth in pupil numbers you may aim for.

2. Consider Modular Construction For School Extensions

As we touched on above, a lack of time to carry out desired plans can be a source of headache for those looking to expand their school premises safely, responsibly, and sustainably. But a fast-track building programme for your school doesn’t have to mean ‘cutting corners’ – it might just mean looking away from traditional building methods.

Contact our experts at MPH Building Systems, for example. We can help give your school the benefit of a modular classroom – or several – that is solidly built and looks highly professional but can also be installed rapidly with minimal disruption to your wider school’s operations.

modular classroom offers a high level of flexibility for potential future changes of use, too, including scope for dismantling or reusing at any stage. Please take a look at our school extensions in our case studies for inspiration.

3. Get Parents Involved in Raising Funds for School Expansion

Ultimately, any given school does not “belong” to the school administrator, project manager, head teacher, or any other single decision-maker. Instead, the institution belongs to the community, including the parents, who should feel some sense of ownership in the school’s success.

Given that a common barrier to school expansion is a lack of funding to make much-needed building or refurbishment works happen, enlisting local parents’ support could be a good idea.

There are various ways in which parents might help your school to raise funds – such as donating directly or organising fundraising events. By involving them more deeply in this process, you can also help ensure they feel more engaged in coordinating your school’s growth and can better exercise their influence on what your school does and doesn’t do when implementing expansion plans.

4. Purchase Or Hire Existing Prefab Buildings To Grow Your School

You might imagine that even if you order the construction of a modular classroom or two, there would still be a relatively longwinded process between expressing your interest to a relevant company (like MPH Building Systems) and that much-needed new structure becoming an on-site reality.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case when you grow your school! Although a significant benefit of turning to modular structures in the first place is the scope they give you to shorten project timescales compared to if you were dependent on traditional building processes, you also have the option of hiring or buying existing used modular buildings.

Suppose a particular modular classroom unit looks attractive to you but does not entirely match your requirements. In that case, we can rapidly adapt it to your needs or acquire another building that isn’t in our current stock. We have such portable units in our stock right now, and they can be delivered immediately to locations around the UK.

5. Use A Specialist In Educational Buildings For Direct Expert Help

As all the above hopefully makes clear, schools have various possibilities regarding how they might plan and implement their expansion during 2023 and beyond.

If you would like to learn more about how MPH Building Systems could help you put some of those plans into motion so much faster, please get in touch with our West Yorkshire-based company now via phone or email.


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