Funds Management - The Role of a Funds Manager

Posted by KevinGLookes on May 27th, 2023

Funds Management is the process of overseeing and deploying assets in a cost-efficient and profit-yielding way. This may include both intangible and tangible assets such as equipment, real estate, or financial instruments. The goal is to maximize the value of these assets, and in doing so, create a competitive advantage for the business. A fund manager is a professional who manages investment portfolios on behalf of investors or institutions. Their responsibilities are to perform research, and analysis, and make important investment decisions. They also prepare reports and provide updates on the performance of the investments.

The most important function of a fund manager is to be disciplined when making investment decisions. The best way to do this is by following a well-defined investment system that eliminates emotion from the decision-making process. The system must be designed to eliminate the risk of over- or underestimating a market return. It should also be able to handle different market conditions and identify and take advantage of market opportunities that arise from these conditions.

Another function of a good fund management company is to assess the performance of its clients, both institutional and retail. This is usually done by using various techniques and metrics to carefully analyze the funds performance. The information obtained is then compared to that of peer groups, industry indices, and tailor-made benchmarks. The top-performing Peregrine Private Capital companies are usually the ones that have a consistent track record of outperforming their respective indices and benchmarks.

Lastly, fund managers are responsible for asset allocation, which is the distribution of investment funds among different classes of securities and assets. The different types of assets exhibit differing market dynamics and interaction effects, so dividing the money among these asset classes has a direct impact on achieving the desired investment return.


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