Bohemian Chic Style -A Fashion Trend Ethically Handcrafted By Artisans

Posted by Bohemian Elephant on July 15th, 2016

If you love oversized earrings, long chains, hair feathers, Aztec prints and hand woven bags you are undoubtedly a Boho chic style lover. There are many bold accessories offered by artisans all over the world that remain a staple in every fashion-forward woman's wardrobe. In addition to long staying power these Boho accessories have unique look that is reflected in the details intricately crafted by the skilled artisans. You will find ample use of eco friendly items such as stones, shells and feathers while making these fashion accessories.

To look ultra chic you can buy Bohemian dresses for women that are all about expressing yourself with a free-flowing sense freedom and care free accessories. Boho fashion is all about combining clothing styles from vintage, hippies, gypsies and exotic cultures. There are kaftans, scarves, hoodies, cardigans and jewelry that are stylish and at the same time balanced to provide an elegant outlook. With a sense of fineness and simply modern style bohemian fashion injects a new personality in the wearer. It is like wearing vintage and exotic clothing but at the same time harmonizing it with your real individuality.

You can easily blend Boho chic fashions with your own signature style. Making use of earthy and rich colors and exceptional print of paisley or Aztec you can create a style of your own. Just by combining bohemian fashion color palette the artisans create earthy, rich and rustic accessories and clothing. The entire concept of bohemian fashion revolves around wearing something distinctive.

Internet offers you a chance to explore the global community of Bohemian Chic Style that is certainly very rich and expressive, with exotic details to complement the look.

Bohemian gypsy clothing actually originates from the Indian gypsies and is therefore influenced by Indian patterns that work into the style. Today, the look is a hot trend and has immense staying power throughout the United States and around the world. The style of clothing is signifies adventure, freedom, and different look that is interesting.

Bohemian Fashion Style for women is a lot more creative than men’s. Since women like innovation and love accessories there is a lot that bohemian style offers them such as jewelry, free flowing skirts, tank dresses and more.

Bohemian Elephant leading online store you will find inspiration from Ibiza’s most famous Hippy markets. Ethnic Boho fashion is sourced from artisans, painters, and designers based throughout the world that make up the unique atmosphere and freedom of expression. You can buy handmade items of clothing, jewelry and artifacts from Asia, Indonesia, and South America as well as the UK and European countries at Bohemian Elephant.

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