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Posted by joelpenton on July 16th, 2016

Everyone needs some sort of motivation and inspiration in his or her life at some point in time. However, the hectic lifestyle and an ever-changing environment are affecting the new generation more than most people realize. Instances where they feel overwhelmed under the burden of their own expectations and goals in life are now probably more common than before. 

These situations often occur in their high school years where they are about to enter a new world of competition and the race for success and glory. In such delicate times, they need someone to understand them and deal with their issues in a positive way. 

This is why many schools invite educational motivational speakers to support students and resolve their issues. However, many people do not know how to go about it. It is quite easy to plan a successful event in your high school with a motivational speaker. Here is how to go about it: 


You should first determine what you are expecting from your motivational speaker. Do the students really need a speaker or do they just need a little more attention from their teachers and parents? You should check whether the students are able to perform according to their true potential, or if they are bogged down by certain issues that only a motivational speaker can help. 

Most of the time, students are unable to express themselves properly and this creates a feeling of inadequacy in them. They feel suppressed and are not able to discuss their issues with anyone. This affects their happiness level. They are unable to concentrate on their education, sports or other activities. You should see if these issues are too personal or if an educational speaker will be able to help them overcome their sense of inadequacy. 

Qualification and Experience:

You should ensure the speaker you are hiring is qualified for the job and has ample experience to handle student issues. You may also review his or her previous work. You may ask for references and contact his or her previous clients to understand the speaker’s capabilities. Doing a crosscheck always helps. 

Ability of the Speaker:

Choose a speaker who has the ability to make students feel comfortable with their problems. The person should be familiar with their issues and resolve them with his or her personal experience sharing. It is a good way to connect with the youngsters. This way, they become more comfortable with their problems and discuss them openly. A good speaker should listen more and talk less. This gives the students the center stage so that he or she can identify their own problems and start on their journey of winning with the speaker’s help. 


This is an important thing to check before you hire a speaker. You should determine a flexible budget and hire someone according to that. Be clear about any kind of hidden charges and market prices. Also, it is always good to ask if they provide better rates for long-term engagement or larger / smaller groups. This will help you in choosing a good speaker within your budget. 

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