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Posted by fanzhou on July 16th, 2016

The currency used in-game for equipment are Gil for low level gear, Soldiery Tomestones for mid-level gear, and Poetic Tomestones for high level gear. You are restricted however to gathering certain Tomestones per week.There is also a huge multi-tiered side quest to acquire each classes Relic Weapon. A mighty weapon in which, over time, you can build yourself by attaching whatever stats you want onto your own customisable weapon. FFXIV Gil This however will take weeks, if not months to complete, as it is long, treacherous and not very exciting.There is so much to see and do, it is hard to express all of the different things in one article. Even I haven’t scratched the surface of what the game offers.The soundtrack is amazing. Each Primal has their own orchestral score, and the dungeon boss music is fantastic (especially Nemesis). Graphically, on the PlayStation 4 anyway, is outstanding. Many gorgeous backdrops and superb weather effects. There is so much more to enjoy in the game, including, Chocobo raising, crafting, fishing, home-owning and so on. And the newly opened Gold Saucer means it is impossible to get bored.So if you want to start a MMO then take the gamble and try out the free trial. I am so glad I did. At present it is £7.69 a month to play.FF14 Gil We have been getting plenty of different announcements throughout E3 week, but Square Enix surprised us a week and a half ago with the reveal of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, a remaster of the PS2 mainline Final Fantasy game. We knew that there would have to be some new details about the game coming out of E3 and we’ve learned something very interesting.According to Kotaku, during a livestream done by Square Enix, they showed off Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. Combat is handled in real time with cooldown timer on skills in addition to MP for magic attacks and TP for physical attacks. Unlike other MMORPGs, which offer a branching skillset for characters to master, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn utilises cross-class hybrid skills which allow you to customise your character with different skills from different professions once the required profession has levelled up sufficiently. Each profession’s progress is linear, but in the long run the character can potentially grow into a jack-of-all-trades if you make the effort to level up all the professions.The biggest information that we learned though was that in this remastered version you can speed up the gameplay.Final Fantasy XIV Gil One of the biggest issues with the original Final Fantasy XII was that the gameplay often took forever with the MMORPG-like combat system. Thankfully, now you will be able to speed up the combat up to 4x the original speed.For those those that think 4x is a little too much, the game also offers you the ability to speed it up 2x. The game’s director Takashi Katno specifically recommended the 4x speed for crossing the large fields, while 2x might be better for the smaller areas like dungeons.

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