A Jain Groom?s Search for a Life Partner

Posted by Wedding Inn on July 16th, 2016

Marriages are an event of celebration and joy all over the world across all cultures despite geographical, cultural and religious differences. India is a cornucopia of diverse cultures and Religions and each one of them has their own approach and traditions when it comes to marriage. These cultural differences shape our psyche and society, giving each community a unique identity and making us who we are as a person.

 The times are changing but these traditions are timeless, they have shaped our current generation and will continue to shape us in the future as well. Being of the Jain community I have an understanding of the importance of these traditions and like most Jain, I want to continue the legacy of our culture and pass them on to my kids. That is the core reason why even the most liberal of Indians still believe in the concept of intra-cultural marriages; we need a partner who understands our culture and traditions and respects them as much as we do.

Finding such a partner in today’s India can be a difficult task, as I have found out first-hand. Most people resort to marriage bureaus or generic online matrimonial sites to find their life-partner, wasting both their time and money on memberships to no avail. I was faced with the same problems when I decided to get married; the most glaring thing I noticed about these portals was they were too impersonal and their matchmaking wasn’t up to par with the degree of depth I needed. The thing is those people didn’t understand my culture, my traditions, and my beliefs so how could they understand what I was looking for in my life partner.

 After a few months I had almost given up on online matrimonial services, but a friend of mine recommended weddinginn to me, saying that they specialized in finding matches for jain matrimony and that they also provided a wide array of jain matrimonial services to make the process of finding a life-partner much simpler. When I checked out their wedding portal I found it to be very efficient and concise and that they separately focused on finding matches for specific communities which included mine as well. Their Jain Matrimonial portal is very user-friendly and astute in design and community driven and they also host periodical meet-ups like modern dating sites to help bring a personal touch to an otherwise tedious and mechanical process. Their Premium services are modeled based on my community tradition and are designed to ease the process of finding the perfect partner.

One month after signing up on their portal I met my bride to be and we chatted online on weddinginn to find out more about each other. By god’s grace, things have progressed much farther since then and we are getting married this December.

Well that’s my story till now; I hope it can help those who are still looking in vain for their life-partner. Some advice that might help you is don’t give up, god has a plan for everyone, don’t compromise on your values and sign-up on weddinginn  So good luck and take care, Hope you find what you are looking for.

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