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Posted by Liz Seyi on June 5th, 2023

As we all know, leading and ambitious brands are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ways in which they can spread the word about themselves. 

But most savvy brands also appreciate that simply shoving their brand logo, colours, and a slogan in front of a target customer’s eyes probably won’t do the job – after all, if the task was that easy, there would scarcely be a need for specialised promotion companies. 

So, what role do flash mobs play in all of this? Defined by Collins English Dictionary as “a group of people who arrange… to meet suddenly in a public place to do something for a short time”, a flash mob tends to take the form of a performance, such as a group of people dancing. That group then typically disperses, as if to give the impression that the event had been entirely spontaneous and unplanned. 

You might have been in such a public place – such as a town or city square – and caught sight of a flash mob, and found yourself captivated by their performance. A well-executed flash mob, then, can certainly grab attention, but that is not all it can do, as it can also help showcase a given brand or product in a positive light. 

So, in what circumstances might you look to arrange a flash mob as part of the marketing of your brand, and when may you choose not to do so? 

Potentially great reasons to organise a flash mob as a brand 

Below are some of the reasons why, working alongside the most suitable promotion companies, brands might seek to tap into flash mob marketing: 

  • Flash mobs can create an instant ‘buzz’ and discussion. Almost immediately, those in vicinity of the flash mob – or even merely watching it in a social media video later – will be asking themselves: what was that? Who did it? Why did they do it? So, if you want to get people talking – for example, in the leadup to a big product launch – organising a flash mob or several could be an excellent step to take. 
  • They can work well alongside other forms of marketing. We touched on this above – a flash mob won’t merely be noticed on-site, “in the moment”, but will also likely be talked about through other channels, such as social media. This could help support the marketing message you wish your brand to convey across multiple platforms and formats – online and offline. 
  • They don’t necessarily need to be greatly expensive. The relatively low-tech nature of the typical flash mob – plus the fact that you only really need to record it using ordinary video-recording equipment in order to give yourself something widely sharable – means a flash mob might be one of the less pricey parts of your firm’s marketing mix. However, such an event could be more expensive to organise if you wish to call upon skilled, professional performers. 

Are there reasons why your brand might not use flash mob marketing? 

It is important to acknowledge that there are certain disadvantages and risks associated with the use of flash mobs for brand marketing. These include, but are not necessarily limited to: 

  • Flash      mobs can be highly complicated to organise. You will certainly need to      be sure that you will actually be allowed to arrange such a performance in      the specific public place you have in mind. 
  • Flash      mobs aren’t exactly a brand new form of marketing. So, you will need      to ensure yours is sufficiently innovative and head-turning to actually      make the desired impact; flash mob marketing is hardly a mode of marketing      that can be done half-heartedly. 

So, the decision as to whether to utilise a flash mob in your organisation’s marketing will need to be made by your organisation alone; there can be no promises that it will represent the perfect match for every single brand or industry. 

As one of the premier promotion companies associated with interventions such as flash mobs, here at BrandWarriors, we would be pleased to explore with you the potential applicability of this form of marketing to your own brand’s objectives. Simply contact us via phone or email today to learn more. 


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