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Posted by Dr. David Neiman on July 18th, 2016

Ancient human history is the most interesting topic for most of the people on the planet. How would you not like to know and read about how “the great human race” started? Ancient human history explains how we survived throughout the ages and it’s very motivating to know how much we evolved and developed as human beings. This helps us to understand, as well, how much our ancestors worked to gain all the knowledge and preserved it for us to understand and to learn from. Ancient human history also helps us understand what mistakes were made by our founding fathers. And how it was damaging for the human race and how we can preserve and protect the human race in a better manner. It also keeps us on our toes to be the better version of who we are now. Indeed there is a lot that one can learn from ancient human history - with one historical event, there are millions of areas that you can explore.

Code of Hammurabi: 


Code of Hammurabi is considered one of the oldest legal codes known to man.  It is from the time of Hammurabi is ancient Babylon. Hammurabi was the 6thBabylonian king and this is his book. The king ruled for almost 48 years. The book was written in 1754 B.C. and, as stated, it is the oldest legal code and has been translated into modern day language for people to understand and read about the laws of the ancient world. The first copy of it was written on a seven and half foot stone and few of the writings can be found in clay tablets as well. This describes every detail of that time, including the rules of the military and the judges. How people use to be pay for goods and servies and how they used to live. It is a code of conduct for their lives. Issues covered include how property was inherited and what were the rules of divorce. One of the sections even covers sexual behavior and the laws of marriage and divorce. The code was discovered in 1901.

Ancient Archeology:


Ancient Archeology is a fascinating subject. It has great mystery attached to it and mystery is something that keeps us all motivated. With the help of technology a lot has been discovered and a lot of new civilizations have been found. However there are two most important sites of history that are even yet to be found and no ancient archeologist have been able to figure it out up till now. It is one of the greatest myths of all times. The number one great myth is the tomb of Genghis khan. He was the cruelest yet great conquer of his time. He wanted no one to know where is body was buried it was his last wish all the people who attended his funeral were killed as well. The tomb of his is still not found and thus remains a great mystery. The other very mystical theory of ancient archeology is the finding of Alexander the great. He was also the greatest ruler of his time and he conquered almost all of the knownworld. His tomb is still a mystery for history.

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