FIFA 17: Tips on How to Handle High Pressure Opponents

Posted by supodum on July 18th, 2016

I heard that some players have trouble with high pressure opponents, Now I will give you some tips to handle this problems. Here we go! By the way, if you need cheap fifa 17 coins, just click it.

1: how to speed up build up play?

I think I can make pretty good build up with lb+a and through balls but it seems like I'm just behind in the tempo for higher divisions. I think this is compounded by my 2nd issue, but I wanted to see if anyone had more general advise about speeding up my build up runs/passing.

A: You mention build up play with LB and Y. To be honest, in my own half I never use this method, simply because if you press these buttons defenders will bomb forward and if you don't pass the ball correctly, most players will be out of position.

Instead just press with the pass button, use some simple skill moves which every player can to create space (ball roll, reverse body feint, drag back and shielding) and build your way up the pitch. You also mentioned the through ball, which I would advice to only use if necessary, most of the times the pass button is better or as effective.

To fasten your build up play, change the speed in the build up play section in your custom tactic to 70 or something like that.

2: how to perform/defend the crazy quick counters these guys do?

I have no idea how but every time I lose the ball around midfield it seems like they've immediately got both wingers and striker in a 3 v 2 against my CBs. I use "get in behind" and move my d pad to attacking, but it seems like my wingers wait until I'm playing towards them to start runs, whereas I feel that my opponent's take off as soon as I lose the ball.

Any advise on how to do this myself, or how to prevent my opponent from doing it? Changing between "cover" and "offside trap" didn't seem to do much to help defend it.

A: Try and be patient in midfield, only pass to people that really have space, often people in higher divisions man mark your passing options and then intercept the pass you make. If there is no passing option just switch sides, especially when they press high there is usually a lot of space on the other side of the pitch. Preferably switch with driven passes if possible.

Also remember that with the standard custom tactic pressure is on 65, which means your defending line is up the pitch. That means that if you lose the ball early, there is a lot of space behind your defense which the opposition can easily exploit.

3: what skills are effective in the box in higher divisions?

I love the berba and mcgeady spins, but I feel like they're sort of predictable as to when I'm going to do them and they require a lot of space too. Any tips there? I like the 5 star move where you flick backwards and to the side(forgot the name), but it's hard to do under pressure.

A: Berba and McGeady are indeed predictable, most of the Div 1 opponents read it. Try to vary it with these useful skill moves: the advanced spin, reverse body feint and the ball roll. Other useful moves which are not skill moves are shielding and the drag back.

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