Credit Card Rewards Can Be A Desirable Credit Card Feature

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Credit card rewards are excellent incentives for using your credit card, but are only beneficial if you will actually use the rewards. Credit card rewards are a wonderful way to get excited about using your credit card, however credit card rewards are only useful if they offer rewards that people want, so credit card holders should choose a reward that matches their lifestyle.

Credit card reward programs were born sometime around 1986. Credit card companies offer these rewards programs as a way of promoting their particular credit cards to increase their usage. Credit card interest rates have begun to rise overall, which is another reason why lenders are trying to entice new customers with their fabulous rewards programs. Credit card holders who have the discipline to control credit card purchases can have benefits from credit card rewards, credit card rebates and other benefits.

Rewards cards tend to have higher rates and fees to help pay for the program, experts said. Rewards programs have to be turned up a notch, and become so amazing, so absolutely unforgettable that consumers can?t forget them and will apply for and use their card more than the other seven in their wallets when they go shopping. Rewards programs often have limitations, meaning once you reach the ceiling you are no longer eligible for the rewards program benefits- information they don?t normally disclose in the credit card offers you receive in the mail. Rewards in the form of discounts on good and services are also available. Rewards are typically worth 1 percent of card balances, said Greg McBride, senior financial analyst with Bankrate.

Cash back rewards are perhaps the best kind of reward you can receive. Cash can also be rewarded in specific increments once you charge a certain amount of money, like a $25 reward when you charge $2,500. Cash back rewards are the most universal. Cash back credit card rewards are sent to you either as a check or as a credit to your account.

For the unwary, reward programs can have traps. That is not to suggest you should avoid rewards programs. You certainly have plenty of rewards programs from which to choose. Look for programs that fit the way you shop and have rewards you will realistically be able to attain. These rewards programs are growing in popularity, and surveys and statistics show that rewards programs affect people?s decisions about which credit card or cards they choose to apply for, as well as which one of their existing cards they use for a particular purchase.

There are also ways for credit cardholders to maximize the power of credit card rewards programs they are already part of, and enjoy additional savings. Currently, the trend in credit card rewards programs appears to be creating cards that offer very specific rewards to cater to what people are doing with their lives. You should make sure that you have a usage pattern that strengthens your credit rating as well as gather credit card rewards and credit card rebates and other incentives provided by the card issuers. Select your cards with the features you need, credit card rebates or credit card rewards are one factor, no annual fee, low interest, low intro apr could be others. The best way to make the most of your credit card rewards is by simply taking advantage of them.

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