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Posted by Trophykart on June 8th, 2023

Awards Are Invaluable

An award carries a lot of inestimable value to the one who receives it. Awards and recognitions are given to individuals to mark their success as well as to honor their hard work, in the field of their excellence. Awards not only recognize accomplishments, but they also acknowledge many other qualities such as one’s ability, the struggle, the effort taken and above all excellence. Sports Trophies or Sports awards are given to various sports personalities who have made their mark in different fields of sports. They are organized and conducted to augment the spirit of the players and recognize their skills and achievements.  In India, the Sports Award is conferred by the sports minister, government of India to various sportsmen for their accomplishment and stupendous performances in various fields of sports. It is also given to indigenous competitors as well as for the sports for the physically challenged.

Why A Sports Award?

The main objective of the Sports award is not only to honor the sportsperson who have contributed a lot in their particular fields, but also those who still continue to contribute in the promotion of sports, years after they have retired from the sporting career. It can only be a few words or they can be given a special Sports Award or anything tangible which they can keep with themselves. Moreover, a Sports award serves as a reminder of what they have achieved and a motivational keepsake that encourages participating and giving their best in the events ahead. Everybody thrive in an atmosphere where their efforts are acknowledged and praised, be it a child or a grown-up.

Who Deserves A Sports Award?

In order to be eligible for the Sports award, a person should not only excel in his or her respective fields, but should also show some remarkable and extraordinary qualities like that of leadership, discipline and a good sense of sportsmanship. Sports awards are not only meant for players who do well in the field, but it is also given to the distinguished coaches of any particular sport. Selection of these coaches is based on their performance to successfully train the sportsperson or the teams, and their help in achieving the outstanding results in the international arena. Sports awards should no doubt be given to the deserving sportsman, but it should not just remain till the boundaries of the field. It is true that the players are the true heroes of the game, but most of the time the person behind them remain anonymous---the coaches who go down as the unsung heroes. Behind every successful player there is a coach who toils his sweat and blood to make his team and his player reach that desired potential. Sports and awards go hand in hand. Therefore, Sports awards should be given to one and all starting from the grass root level.

What Can Be Given?

Sports awards can vary widely. They can range from a simple sticker to a memento or a certificate. They can also be a medals or a trophy, depending upon the level of the sport and the participants. Thus, the whole idea of a Sports Award is that the participant feels rewarded for their efforts and that they can hold on to the memory of that event and a proof of their great performance.

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