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Posted by kelljackson on July 18th, 2016

Character Updates
Major Specialization Changes
This is a look at some of the biggest changes coming to classes in the pre-patch. The Class Guides, which we are hard at work on along with our guide writers, will contain detailed information on what has changed for each specialization, rotation/priority advice, and talents. We will be highlighting all the pre-expansion class guides shortly; some are being proofed due to the Launch tuning hotfixes from yesterday, while others are already live.

In the meantime, we have role overviews for the pre-expansion patch. These give tips on how to excel at your role, and an overview of each specialization pertaining to that role, so you can decide what playstyle is the best for you.
We have also updated our 1-20 leveling guides for all the new players!
TradeChat has also been creating a series of videos on major updates for each class! We have linked several in this post; more can be found on her YouTube channel and we've embedded each one on our Legion Class Overviews.
Hunters have a number of updates:
Gnomes can now be Hunters! Start planning your Gnome Hunter's appearance in our Dressing Room
As covered below, Survival Hunters are now a melee specialization, and Marksmanship Hunters are competitive as a petless class via choosing the talent Lone Wolf
Hunters have a variety of new tames, including Mechanical ones. Read more about them in Mechanical Hunter Pet Guide guide by Bendak.
There are new pet classes to tame, including Oxen and Scalehide.
Learn more about general changes in the Legion Hunter Overview.

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