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Debbie Sardone, an expert cleaner, recommends setting and following a regular cleaning regimen to speed up the process. For instance, starting and ending in the same spot in each room may help eliminate unnecessary back and forth motion.

Start by gathering all your supplies -- such as cleaner, broom, dust cloths and microfiber towels -- into a caddy or bucket for easy organization.

1. Make a List

One of the key aspects of deep cleaning your house is creating a process. Otherwise, it's easy to become sidetracked from what needs to be accomplished and get off track, but having an understanding of your goals makes staying on track much simpler.

Making a list of tasks to be completed when cleaning is often helpful, particularly in larger spaces like your kitchen. Break it up into daily, weekly and monthly tasks so you don't have to tackle everything all at once.

On your list for deep cleaning are washing linens (tablecloths, placemats and napkins), wiping down high traffic areas like doorknobs and countertops with disinfectant wipes and disinfectant solutions and vacuuming or washing any area rugs in the room. Implementing a home cleaning schedule will help ensure dirt does not build up again!

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2. Break Down the Rooms

Even the cleanest homes can benefit from having their home professionally deep cleaned once or twice each year. While regular cleaning involves wiping surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting and mopping, deep cleaning involves more than the basics to eliminate built-up gunk and make rooms sparkle!

Start high and move down. A sweeping motion should suffice for cobweb removal; once that task has been accomplished, use a disposable duster equipped with a telescopic handle to reach ceiling fans and light fixtures more easily.

To refresh curtains and blinds, remove them from their windows and either wash or dry-clean according to their care labels. Next, wipe down walls, ceilings, corners and baseboards including corners. Finally vacuum carpeted areas while moving furniture as necessary in order to access tight spots.

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3. Take Stock of Your Supplies

Deep cleaning any home, even one which seems spotlessly tidy, can reap rewards. Start by gathering all the supplies needed for the task at hand: organize them into an easily-locatable bucket or caddy; if there are small children present in your household, store any potentially dangerous chemicals out of reach from small hands.

Once you've amassed all the tools and supplies necessary, clear away the clutter that tends to build up in rooms like bedrooms, living spaces and kitchens. Wipe down baseboards and window treatments before wiping hard-to-reach corners such as light fixtures and fan blades down. Also launder drapes before cleaning windows and glass surfaces - either follow a seasonal schedule or incorporate these tasks into your weekly cleaning regimen for year-round gleam. Set yourself realistic goals that work towards meeting them comfortably at your own pace!

4. Get Started

Deep cleaning should be undertaken with meticulous detail, taking note of places often neglected such as dusting light fixtures, baseboards and ledges; vacuum any blinds; wash window screens; and polish any built-in shelving with furniture polish, advises Sardone. Also be sure to get into corners and crevices of wooden furniture, rugs and shelves in order to complete this thorough deep clean.

Start at the top and work your way down, so as not to miss anything. Use dryer sheets as needed for any fans or vents that might collect debris; they are also great at keeping dust at bay from flat surfaces like shelves that might accumulate dirt.

Rather than trying to do a deep house cleaning every month, try keeping up with regular weekly tasks such as wiping down and disinfecting high traffic areas or vacuuming - a regular cadence will prevent dirt build-up, making your next deep clean less intense and increasing efficiency in general. Consider creating a weekly cleaning checklist so you stay on track to achieve peak condition in your home!

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