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Posted by Kang Wuxi on July 19th, 2016

As players in Blade & Soul are busy in battles with their teams, the most important thing in purchasing Blade & Soul Gold from online suppliers must be instant delivery. Here, Kangeuxi would like to introduce a trustworthy supplier of BNS Gold with safe and fast delivery -- Safewow. Here are three reasons for players to get cheap Blade & Soul gold with instant delivery on Safewow. Huge Blade & Soul gold in stock, various contact ways, and various payment methods ensure the fast and secure delivery of Blade & Soul Gold on Safewow.

Full stock guarantees timely delivery
Safewow knows that all players are eager to get Blade & Soul gold as soon as possible, so Safewow works hard to make sure all Blade & Soul gold for sale on Safewow are always full stock so that they could make all orders delivered as quickly as possible.

Various contact ways shorten waiting time
The customer service on Safewow is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After players have successfully ordered their Blade & Soul gold, the 24/7 Live Help will help them receive gold as soon as possible.
During the purchasing process, no matter what questions they have, they can visit Safewow’s official Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to search for answers when the 24/7 Live Help are too busy in dealing with other customers. It can shorten waiting time and receive BNS gold soon.

Various payment methods save lots of time
Safewow has various payment methods, such as PayPal, Credit Card through paypal, Moneybookers eWallet, Paysafecard, Credit Card through Moneybookers, Paysafecard through Moneybookers and Western Union. Players can choose the most convenient payment method to pay for their gold. It will also save lots of purchasing time.

10 Minutes delivery is guaranteed
After players have placed their orders, Safewow will deliver the goods to them in 10 minutes via Auction House. Players just need to contact the 24/7 Live Help to confirm the item information on AH  including character name, item name and buyout price. Then they need to put their items on the Auction House and set the price like this: x Gold, 3x Silver.

In a word, Safewow is doing their best to make the whole delivery process fast and convenient. By the way, Safewow offers both free 10% bonus Blade & Soul Gold and a 8% off code “BNS8” at the same time.


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