iPerimenopause—The Latest Upgrade to the Operating System of my Life: Malfunction: Hormonal Mayhem

Posted by Vinicius Souza Castro on June 15th, 2023

Author Cristina Gherghel Announces "iPerimenopause—The Latest Upgrade to the Operating System of my Life—Malfunction: Hormonal Mayhem" Launching on June 3, 2023

Author Cristina Gherghel is thrilled to share her experiences and insights in "iPerimenopause—The Latest Upgrade to the Operating System of my Life—Malfunction: Hormonal Mayhem." In this captivating and humorous exploration of the perimenopausal experience, Gherghel presents a unique analogy, likening the menopausal journey to a software upgrade in the operating system of her life. With wit, insight, and personal anecdotes, she delves into the realm of hormonal mayhem, capturing the essence of the rollercoaster ride many women face during this transitional phase.

Gherghel fearlessly shares her own experiences with hormonal chaos, shedding light on the bewildering symptoms and their impact on her daily life. Through humor and relatability, she invites readers to embrace the challenges and transformations of perimenopause, offering practical advice and comfort while emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and self-care during this transformative phase.

"I am thrilled to share my experiences and insights in 'iPerimenopause'," expresses Cristina Gherghel. "This book is a testament to the resilience and strength of women facing hormonal mayhem. I hope to empower and bring laughter to those who may feel overwhelmed and uncertain on this journey."

With its humorous approach and relatable storytelling, "iPerimenopause" offers a fresh perspective on perimenopause. Gherghel's unique blend of personal narrative, witty observations, and practical guidance creates a compelling and engaging read, leaving readers feeling understood, supported, and inspired.

Join Cristina Gherghel on June 3, 2023, as she launches "iPerimenopause—The Latest Upgrade to the Operating System of my Life—Malfunction: Hormonal Mayhem." A hybrid book that you can buy from Amazon

About the Author:

Cristina Gherghel is a Romanian author who explores the realms of women's experiences. Through her writing, Gherghel seeks to empower women and provide comfort to those navigating the challenges of life's transformative phases.

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Cristina Gherghel

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Email: cristinag@vivaldi.net

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