How To Utilise Options Chain Data For Futures And Options Trading

Posted by Kalpesh on June 16th, 2023

The information gained through the valuable option chain table is very useful for traders dealing in futures and options contracts. Using such valuable data, traders can identify profitable opportunities and efficiently manage their risks. In this article, we shall see the importance of option chain analysis while dealing with futures and options contracts, especially for Bank Nifty Options Chain Analysis.

Let us briefly understand option chain analysis software; then, we shall move toward how effectively that data can be utilized in trading derivative contracts.

Option Chain Analysis Software

This powerful analysis tool offers traders comprehensive details about the options and futures contracts of the specific underlying asset from the huge pool. The details it provides are different strike prices, expiry dates, open interest or unsettled contracts, volume in which they are being traded, their Volatility, and implied Volatility. With the help of all this information, traders can easily gauge the market sentiment and make better decisions.

Bank Nifty Option Chain Analysis

It is a similar tool, the only difference being this tool considers the Bank Nifty contracts as an underlying asset. Bank Nifty is among the most popular Index in the Indian financial system. This tool helps traders to identify the key support and resistance levels, make better price movements and ultimately choose the right method to trade.

Utilizing the Option Chain Data for Options and Futures Contracts:

1. Helps identify the support and resistance levels

The data received from the options chain helps traders to identify the support and resistance levels. By checking the open interest values at the different strike prices using Open Interest Screener, traders can gauge where all the money is invested. The higher open interest at a specific strike price can signal strong support or resistance levels, and it has the power to influence the overall performance of that underlying asset at that strike price.

2. In evaluating market sentiments

The amount of shares or, in simple terms, the volume data in the option chain table offers the traders important insights about the market sentiments towards that stock. When the open interest and volume are high in the call options, it indicates that the market is bullish; and the trend is upward. When the open interest and volume are high in the put option contracts, it indicates that the market is undergoing bearish sentiment; and the trend is downward.

3. Identify the trading opportunities

The data obtained from the Options chain helps in identifying the potential trading opportunities in the options market. Generally, when there is high open interest at a specific strike price or significant changes in the prices indicate the build-up area. From this build-up, traders can gauge the market expectations and continue their trade accordingly.

4. Manage the risk

The Option Chain Screener is one of the best tools for effective risk management. The volatility level guides the traders in determining the market sentiment and perceptions and lets them know about future fluctuations. Based on this, traders can apply hedging strategies and avoid the high-risk impact on their positions.

5. Special Future trading software

There are also a few software that focus only on the futures contract. They play an important role when focusing only on the futures type of contracts. It offers real-time data, advanced charting tools, and many more features required for futures contract trading. By monitoring the price movements and technical indicators, traders can trade futures in a better way.

Other parameters of option chain data used for derivative contracts trading

  • Traders can identify the in-the-money, at-the-money, and out–of–the–money option contracts; It applies to both call and put option contracts.
  • The data obtained helps in identifying the liquidity of the underlying asset.
  • When we talk about real-time data, it includes the different strike prices and covers the bid and asks prices.
  • The Nifty option chain can be used as the alert system to identify strong movements, price breakouts, and reversals.
  • The data can also offer the deep ITM or OTM needed for many strategies.
  • To all the newbies and freshers, this option chain may look very complicated to comprehend, but once they know how powerful the tool is, they will like to explore it more and more. 
  • To help the freshers, let's clear one thing while studying any chart or analyzing any data, you can start with understanding the strike prices, as it is the one main factor that determines whether the trade will be possible or not.
  • This tool is not only useful for options and futures traders but also for cash market traders.


Thus, in this article, we have seen what useful information we can gather from the options chain and Bank Nifty option chain, and by analyzing them, we can get the complete picture of market sentiments. All the data, such as support and resistance, breakouts, and reversals,  will help traders make strong and profitable decisions. Traders can learn new trading opportunities, and using the information, they can adjust their strategies and improve their probability of success in such a huge and complex world of financial trading in India.

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