Using Car Loan Refinancing to Save a Bundle

Posted by sharibmirza333 on July 19th, 2016

Finding the best car loan refinancing options can often be confusing, but there are some things you can do to make sure you're getting the right car loan for your situation without paying too much.

Uncertain economic times mean that people begin searching for ways to reduce the cost of monthly bills. This includes considering whether your current outstanding loans are being charged at the best possible rates available.

So why consider car loan refinancing?

Let's say you bought your car from a dealership a couple years ago. Your current car loan may have been taken out when your credit score was lower or you might have applied for your finance with only a small deposit or down payment.

Now you've built up a little more equity in your car by paying down your current car loan and perhaps you have also improved your credit score with on-time payments on this loan and others you have, so you might become eligible for lower interest rates.

Refinancing your car loan over to a loan through a different lender with lower rates means you could reduce your repayments. Lower repayments means you're saving money on payments, which means more money in your pocket at the end of each month.

You might also consider extending the original term of the loan. If you took out your original car loan a year ago on a 3 year term, you could consider refinancing over to a lender with lower interest rates at a 5 year term. Not only would your interest rate be lower, but your repayments would drop significantly as the loan term is now spread over a longer period.

Be cautious if you're thinking of extending your loan term too far. You still need to be sure the car is drivable at the end of the loan term. The last thing you want to be doing is making payments on a car that does not even run any more.

Another benefit of car loan refinancing over to a loan with a lower interest rate is that you might want to consider continuing with the same payments you were making at the higher rate. This means you'll be paying more than the minimum payment the lender is asking for, but it has the benefit of the extra money being paid directly off the principal portion of the loan, which will reduce the time that it will take to get the car paid off entirely.

Applying for a car loan refinance is usually a quick easy process, taking around 24-48 hours with most lenders. Before you think this quick turn-around time might be a quick-fix solution to any cash flow issues, remember to take your time researching your options before you jump, because rates are drastically different amongst lenders in today's very competitive lending market.

When considering car loan refinancing, it's important to remember that not all loans are created equally. Many loan contracts are filled with convoluted terms and bank jargon, so it's easy to miss any hidden fees or charges. You'll need to look very carefully at the terms being offered, as you wouldn't want to end up refinancing over to a loan that costs you more than your current one.

Car loan refinancing doesn't need to be difficult and is done very day by smart consumers who understand how the lending and refinancing process works. Get an outstanding of how that can benefit you and then determine if it will save you money.

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