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Posted by Liz Seyi on June 17th, 2023

It might seem an overly obvious point to make, that a high standard ofschool cleaning is utterly essential – but it is worth re-emphasising nonetheless. 

Pupils certainly deserve nothing less than the cleanest and most pleasant environment in which to learn. Meanwhile, the teaching and other on-site staff will certainly have other things they will wish to be thinking about, other than the standard of basic hygiene at their school. 

One category of staff at a school who should be thinking carefully about hygiene, of course, would be the cleaning staff. Ultimately, however, ensuring that your school environment lends itself to learning and achievement is the responsibility of every employee on the premises. 

So, what are some of the steps you can take to help ensure the right arrangements are in place for thorough and effective school cleaning at your own educational establishment? 

Put together a plan and schedule for cleaning 

School cleaning is not something that can be done to a high standard on the basis of purely ‘ad hoc’ arrangements. So, it is crucial to prepare well and then set the resultant plans into motion. 

You can begin this process by assembling a checklist of all the areas of the school for which cleaning will be necessary. You will then need to decide how frequently each area is to be cleaned, before putting together a cleaning schedule that turns intention into action. 

Use high-quality tools and products 

School cleaning is one form of cleaning for which it simply isn’t enough to ‘just give surfaces a wipe-down every now and then’. You will need to be very deliberate about the equipment and materials that you use for such a sensitive and important process. 

That will include such measures as using disinfectant wipes or sprays on surfaces – like door handles, keyboards, and desks – that are frequently touched. It will also mean regularly using a microfibre cloth to wipe away dust from surfaces, and – for any carpeted surfaces on the premises – using carpet cleaner or shampooer a minimum of once a month. 

Make sure your staff have the right training – and not just the cleaning staff 

Although our own school cleaning operatives here at Nationwide Property Clean certainly make good use of the full training they have been provided with, it is also worth asking yourself: do you really want all the responsibility for keeping your school site clean to lie with dedicated cleaners? 

The fact is, messes can be quickly and easily created in school settings – not just because of how messy children can be, but also because of the wide range of activities that tend to take place on such premises. 

So, ensuring that your establishment’s teachers and teaching assistants have also been reminded how to clean thoroughly and habitually, and arranging for the necessary equipment and supplies to be immediately accessible to them, will go a long way towards ensuring high cleanliness standards are kept. 

After all, no one will want a highly avoidable accident to occur due to a spill that could have been cleaned up almost instantly by a responsible adult nearby.   

The above are just some of the tips that our team at Nationwide Property Clean would give to the key decision-makers within a school, to help them keep on top of the deceptively tricky-to-keep-on-top-of process of school cleaning. 

Taking advantage of the right professional cleaning service, though, will undoubtedly help your school to save time and money. For a discussion with our own experts in educational cleaning and to request a competitive quote for school cleaning from us, please do not hesitate to get in touch


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