The ChatGPT detector that your teachers use can accuse the innocent

Posted by John Smith on June 19th, 2023

Since ChatGPT was released, in November 2022, it became the number one enemy of teachers. The written assignments could be done by a robot, and not your students. Every poem, history essay, or book summary was a potential cheat. But now, you can check your own content with an AI writing detector tool. It's called ZeroGPT. It is capable of analyzing a text word by word and determining whether it was written by a person or by artificial intelligence.

In 2023, the University of California senior William Quarterman was charged with dishonesty and sent to university court because ChatGPT's detector found problems with his history essay. Like many other users, if you are also wondering why zerogpt is where we have ChatGPT detectors, then read on.

Why are ChatGPT detectors not working?

Unlike a normal plagiarism accusation that has a pre-existing document to prove plagiarism, a ChatGPT detector returns a verdict without evidence, explains literature professor Rebecca Dell.

The way these detectors work is by analyzing how average the write is. According to Eric Wang, vice president of Turnitin, another platform to detect plagiarism and now ChatGPT works as the autocorrect of the cell phone.

Always use the most likely word to continue the sentence. The result is an easy-to-spot “average write”. The problem is that many humans write in an “average” way.

In an experiment conducted by the Washington Post, five high school students created 16 essays using artificial intelligence and mixed sources. The ChatGPT detector only correctly identified six. This possibility scares many students because unless your teacher knows you personally and trusts you as a student, you could end up in trouble. According to Wang, the results of their programs should be taken by teachers as an alert. Not as a direct accusation.

However, that was not what happened with William Quarterman, the California student we talked about earlier. He had to go through a whole process of academic integrity to prove that he did not use artificial intelligence. – the best and free AI text classifier:

Artificial intelligence scientist Jim Fan agrees. For him, ChatGPT and other programs are going to write more and more like humans. Therefore, it is more important to teach students how to use artificial intelligence to their advantage. Above all, make them understand why it is important that they do these tasks themselves.

Artificial Intelligence can save them a lot of time to focus on the creative part. Not in trivial activities that a program can do.

To catch AI content, we recommend using chat GPT zero.

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