Bigg Boss 16 Written Update - Wild Card Entries Stir Up Controversy in the House

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It is a tense day in the house as the contestants hear letters from their families. Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary have a heated argument. Archana takes a dig at Tina saying that she is romancing Shalin.

Later, Sumbul sees Fahmaan and gets emotional. She runs out to meet him. Harrdy Sandhu also enters the house.
Abhijeet Bichukale

Abhijeet Bichukale made his entry as a wild card contestant in Bigg Boss 15 on January 5. He was welcomed by the housemates, but he was not happy with the environment in the house. He started making controversial statements in the house and started causing drama.

In today’s episode, Archana takes a jibe at Tina saying that she is romancing Shalin. This makes her angry and she starts screaming at her. Soundarya then says that she and Tina are just friends and they cannot be in love. Archana gets furious again and tells her that she is a sexist.BhagyaLakshmi Written Update

Later, Nimrit and Archana fight over their rivalry with each other. Nimrit said that Archana only talks bad language and has a changing nature. She also added that she was not impressed with her performance in the task. Shekhar then stepped in and ended the fight between them.

Priyanka and Nimrit have been at loggerheads for the whole season and this time they are fighting over groupism. Earlier, a viewer called out Nimrit for her grouping and accused her of horsetrading. However, Nimrit denied the claims and accused her of being hostile towards some of the contestants.

Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee were the other two wild card entries who entered the house along with Abhijeet. Both of them were in the same team for the 'Weekend Ka Vaar' task and were at loggerheads with each other. Both of them were trying to get rid of each other, but they finally made peace.

Abhijeet is a well-known actor in Marathi Television Serials and Bollywood Films. He has been a part of many reality shows like Bigg Boss Marathi, Mahabharata and more. He has a huge fan following for his work in Hindi Television and Bollywood movies.

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss, the nominated contestants will be battling it out for the last spot in the game. Only five gems will remain in the house and the rest will be eliminated from the competition. This week, the housemates were given a task to vote for their favourites in order to stay in the game.
Rashmi Desai

Rashmi Desai is one of the new wild card entries in Bigg Boss 16. The actor is famous for her role in shows like Left Right Left and Sony TV’s Main Naa Bhoolungi. Recently, she appeared in an episode of Choti Sardarni. She has a strong social media following and her fans are rooting for her to win the show. However, she will have to face stiff competition from other contestants.

Sreejita De also made a fun return in the house. She got into an argument with her nemesis Tina Datta and called her a negative-hearted person. The fight escalated to the point where Sreejita also questioned her professionalism. She was slammed by many television celebrities for this.

Meanwhile, inmates are seen getting a bit agitated by the way Nimrit is treating them. She has been taunting them continuously and they are losing their tempers. Archana even tries to talk sense into her but she gets frustrated. She is seen telling her that it is not fair to be talking to them in this manner.

During Weekend Ka Vaar, Sumbul Touqeer’s father entered the house and was a part of the conversation. He spoke about his daughter’s relationship with Shalin and he was a little upset that it doesn’t look believable. He also talked about how he thinks that they are playing her.

Then, Priyanka and Archana start talking about the situation. Priyanka says that she can’t understand what is going on. She said that she feels that Shalin is not a good friend and she doesn’t know what she is doing with her. Priyanka even said that she is not impressed with her behavior.

In the evening, Nimrit and her friends are ganging up against Priyanka and she calls them selfish and inhuman. Archana tries to break them up but she gets tripped up by the fact that they are talking behind her back and calling her names. She tries to calm them down and asks them to stop but they get infuriated and threaten her to kill them. Eventually, MC Stan joins them and they continue ganging up against Priyanka.
Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Devoleena Bhattacharjee who became a household name with her iconic character Gopi Bahu in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, has come back as a wild card contestant in the 16th season of Bigg Boss. But this time around her entry into the house is causing a lot of controversy.

The contestant who has been known for her strong personality is causing friction with the rest of the housemates. She is seen arguing with all the contestants, she even had an ugly fight with Rashami Desai. Devoleena blames Rashami for what happened with her and Sidharth Shukla in the previous season of the show.

She also fought with Archana over her rude behavior and she said that she should be sent to the confession room for what she did. Devoleena went on to say that she is not afraid of anyone and that she will take revenge on everybody. She later slammed Nimrit for telling her that she will backstab them and alleged that her whole family is dead.

Devoleena was also seen playing a task in which she had to win a game with her partner. She won the challenge and she then argued with the other housemates. She was seen calling them all standardless. She also labelled Shefali as dishaheen.

Later, she got involved in a huge argument with Archana and threw things at her. She said that she is not a nice person and that she only uses bad language and insults people. She further added that she is not a good friend and she hates her.

Another big fight in the house was between Parineeti Chopra and Harrdy Sandhu. The duo were battling it out in a task where they had to sing songs for each other. Parineeti sang Itna Sohna for Harrdy and he responded by singing Itna Aasmaana from his movie. They then threw food at each other and broke bowls. The fight lasted for over three hours and it was the most dramatic fight in this season of Bigg Boss. It is reported that the duo were fighting over a misunderstanding.
Kumar Sai Pampana

The show is full of drama and the contestants are taking no prisoners in their battles. Sreejita De re-enters the house with a bang and creates quite a stir in her arch rival Tina Datta’s life. Her comeback has made her a topic of discussion amongst the entire house and it seems she’s back with a revenge. She teases Tina by saying she wants a rich husband and this upsets the latter big time. She even tells her to stay away from her life. The duo then gets into a big argument which leads to Priyanka coming in between them.

Kumar Sai Pampana from Ee Rojullo fame entered the house as a wild card entry and he is yet to prove his mettle in the show. He has been able to build a niche fan base but it is taking him a lot of time to settle in the house and perform well. During his interaction with Nagarjuna, he said that the housemates are very strong and it is important to maintain one’s strength.

In the task, contestants were asked to dig out pots. They were also given a chance to win immunity by performing push-ups. Akhil, Ariyana, Noel and Mehaboob qualified for the second round by doing the most push-ups. Mehaboob won a reward of Rs 1 lakh.

During the task, Shekhar called Nimrit and Shiv to the activity room and he revealed that a viewer called them out for forming groups in the house. This did not go down well with Priyanka who accused Nimrit of being hostile towards her. The two locked horns but Shekhar intervened to save the day.

On the other hand, Sumbul’s father enters the house and she starts crying. He warns her not to be too pure-hearted and paints a bad picture of her in front of the contestants. Later, Sumbul gangs up with Shiv and Nimrit to talk about Priyanka. Archana joins them in their conversation and they make fun of Priyanka.

In the next task, contestants were asked to use their power as captains and swap one of the nominated contestants with a saved housemate. Harika utilised her power to save Abijeet from nomination by swapping him with Monal.

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