7 Ways An Art Appraiser Authenticates An Art Piece

Posted by SEO Digital Team on June 21st, 2023

7 Ways An Art Appraiser Authenticates An Art Piece

Whether you can fathom it or not, counterfeit art stands as a substantial dilemma in the realm of creativity. In this market, you will see many art pieces that are not genuine. This being the case, it is of utmost importance to exercise added caution if you have intentions of purchasing a valuable art piece.

Before making this type of purchase, it is better to take advice from an art appraiser. You would be surprised to know that Art Valuer London authenticates an art piece in different ways. Here are 7 Ways this art appraiser authenticates an art piece.

1) Provenance Research

The art Appraiser conducts research into the artwork's provenance, which involves the tracing of its own history. They examine documents, invoices, exhibition catalogs, and other records to establish a credible and documented chain of ownership that aligns with the artwork's creation and history. 

2) Stylistic Analysis

The appraiser studies the style, technique, composition, and subject matter of the artwork with the artist's known body of work. They compare it to authenticated works by the artist, considering elements such as brushwork, color palette, signature style, and any distinguishing characteristics. 

3) Comparative Analysis

By comparing the artwork with similar pieces from the artist's oeuvre or a specific period, Appraiser can identify consistent artistic traits, themes, or technical details that align with the artist's recognized style. This comparative analysis helps establish authenticity.

4) Technical Analysis

Employing advanced scientific techniques, like infrared imaging, X-ray analysis, pigment analysis, and microscopy, provides the means to investigate the materials, layers, and underlying structures of the artwork. These analyses done by Art Advisory UK can reveal important insights, such as alterations, overpainting, or anomalies that may indicate a forgery.

5) Expert Opinion 

Art Appraiser consults with other experts, such as art historians, curators, or specialized scholars familiar with the artist's work. These experts provide their knowledge and expertise, offering insights into the artist's techniques, historical context, and authenticity indicators. 

6) Documentation Examination 

An appraiser scrutinizes any accompanying documentation, including certificates of authenticity, exhibition catalogs, receipts, or letters. Art Appraiser UK assesses the credibility and accuracy of the documents, ensuring they originate from reputable sources and align with established standards for documentation in the art world. 

7) Forensic Analysis 

In cases where there are suspicions of forgery or the artwork's authenticity is in question, Appraiser may employ forensic techniques, such as fingerprint analysis, ink analysis, or carbon dating, to provide scientific evidence and support their authentication assessments.

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